Letters to the Editor - May 12

May 12, 2012

Candidate apologizes for statements made in error

To the editor:

I would like to formally apologize to Mrs. Cindy Kauffman and her husband, Mayor Skip Kauffman, for incorrectly claiming recently that the mayor had “appointed his wife” to the position of town council. Another town council member brought it to my attention that this was not, in fact, the case. The mayor had removed himself from the voting of the seat that was vacant the year Mrs. Kauffman was appointed.

In addition, in the subsequent election, Mrs. Kauffman was the top vote-getter and won outright. I should have done more due diligence in learning the full facts of the election that year, and it has been a hard and valuable lesson to learn.

I also want to thank Mrs. Kauffman and Mayor Kauffman for being so gracious to me when I apologized in person on election day. I was humbled by their generosity.


I would also like to thank former councilman Rich Hawkins for his kindness and time the night of the election and for his 20-plus years of service to the town of Boonsboro.

I hope I can work to gain the respect of Mayor and Mrs. Kauffman and Boonsboro’s governing body as well as the residents of the town of Boonsboro for whom it will be an honor to serve.

Sean Haardt


Christians not ‘hiding’ but standing on Bible’s truth

To the editor:

Leonard Pitts challenged us recently to watch Matthew Vines’ presentation “The Gay Debate.” As a Christian, I felt I should at least hear the argument. What I heard was a 21-year-old gay man who wants Christians to believe homosexuality is not sin.

Through manipulation of scripture and emotional appeal, he tries to make the case the Bible is not saying the caring relationship of a monogamous homosexual union is against Christianity’s teachings. Yet, with all of his assertions, his argument falls completely short.

He states Leviticus has become inapplicable to Christians today. It was meant to be rules and customs for Jews from which the New Testament has exempted Christians. He gives examples of food eaten, clothes worn, etc., to show how we largely ignore these teachings. If we do here, shouldn’t we as well with homosexuality? He doesn’t discuss the many Jews who still follow these customs and rules. That might complicate things.

He looks at Paul’s teachings in Romans and states this has to do with customs and idolatry and isn’t meant to forbid loving relations of gays today. Don’t dwell on the fact that Vines is biased as a gay man with cause to solicit in favor of his own feelings when so many others disagree.

Pitts used the term “slicing and dicing” of Vines’ exercise. He certainly did that. Yet, this does not have to do so much with human freedom as Pitts states, but with the justification of sin. Should we be “free” to do whatever we please? Explaining thousands of years of Christian belief is wrong because gays today feel differently does not make homosexuality right and does not mean Christians who disagree are “hiding” in the Bible, but rather standing upon its truth.

Michael J. Dix
Greencastle, Pa.

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