Letters to the Editor - May 8

May 08, 2012

Suffering should have right to end their lives

To the editor:

Lloyd Waters’ column (April 8) and Tom Wilhelm’s reply (April 14) showed approval of a doctor’s role in promoting the right of individuals in Oregon to end their lives under specific conditions.

Many years ago, I added this addendum to an Advance Directive Health Instruction that contained the Do Not Resuscitate statement:

I direct, that in addition to the foregoing statements, that

(1) If those conditions exist and

(2) If there is a life-shortening method that does not induce more than moderate pain and

(3) If that method is legally acceptable then

(4) That method be administered to further reduce the time of my end-stage condition.

Of course, that addendum has no current legal bearing in Maryland. But it does show my position on the subject of our right to free choice to anyone involved in my own end-stage condition. I have yet to be presented with any reason to change that sentiment.

F. Burkett

Hancock couple says ‘thanks’ to United Way

To the editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the United Way for the care, compassion and diligence they showed to me and my husband, who are not only elderly but disabled as well.

Executive Director Leah Gayman sent four lovely ladies to do painting, etc.

We are so grateful for all the hard work and kindness they showed to us. They did an awesome job.

Thank you to Andrew and Leah for being such good friends to us. May God richly bless you and all of the United Way.

Harry and Ruth Taylor

Community Life Institute thanks volunteer organization

To the editor:

The Community Life Institute (CLI) thanks Volunteer Washington County (VWC) for helping to obtain volunteers to facilitate with our one-on-one tutoring program, our GED program and our ESL program.

Not only have Bernadette and Rachel worked diligently to assist CLI with facilitator positions, they have provided guidance with community seminars, with advertising and with advice. It is through their work, dedication and enthusiasm for Washington County and its citizens that we, as well as many other volunteer organizations, have enjoyed success in our ventures.

Thanks, Bernadette and Rachel. You have certainly made a difference at Community Life Institute.

Virginia Wilson

How about a change to speed limits on interstates?

To the editor:

Aggressive driving is endemic to Washington County. A resident takes his life in his hands when he attempts to navigate the 81/70 interchange. Drivers are entering the exit ramps at least 10 to 12 miles an hour over the posted speed limit and flying through multiple yield signs.

In our ministry, my husband and I have had the opportunity to drive across the United States more than a dozen times. What we have noticed is that near city or town exits, the speed limit on the interstate is reduced by at least 10 miles per hour. Reducing the speed limit on Interstate 70 and Interstate 81 between Hagerstown exits would help this problem.

Additionally, I have read in the paper that roundabouts are to be built at certain intersections in town. Until the folks here learn the meaning of the word “yield,” that would be a big mistake.

By the way, according to Webster’s Dictionary, yield means “to allow another to have the right of way,” not put the pedal to the metal and cut the guy off.

Florence M. Vincent

Did senior center suffer for benefit of new stadium?

To the editor:

I attended the May 1, 2012, meeting of the Washington County Board of Commissioners. It seems that they agreed to partner with the City of Hagerstown to build a new ball stadium, around $400,000 a year — an $8 million project.

In the afternoon, they voted to go ahead with the building of the senior center at Hagerstown Community College. They agreed to the second proposal, which meant they would not fully fund the whole project.

Commissioner Baker was the only commissioner to express approval for the first proposal of the funding and construction of the original project. So my perception is that they cut the senior citizens project so that they could help fund the building of a new stadium.

Do the Washington County taxpayers agree to taking on this $8 million project in this economy? I don’t think so. This is another project that “the group” in Hagerstown is pushing forward with the help of our elected officials.

What a community. Build a new stadium in the center of downtown to revitalize the center core after losing 10 businesses in the past year. What a way to go.

Dot Mcdonald-Kline

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