Washington County senior homeowners to get more property-tax relief

Senior Citizen Supplemental Homeowners' Property Tax Credit changed so many seniors will get more of a credit

May 08, 2012|By HEATHER KEELS |

Some county homeowners 65 and older will see additional property-tax relief under a change approved Tuesday by the Washington County Board of  Commissioners.

The commissioners voted to change the county’s Senior Citizen Supplemental Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit so many seniors will get more of a credit.

The credit effectively caps the amount of county property tax owed based on income, providing a credit for county property taxes owed above that amount.

Under the new formula, the cap will be set at an amount equal to 0 percent of the first $15,000 of combined income, 5 percent of the next $1,000 of combined income and 9 percent of combined income over $16,000.


Before the change, the formula used 0 percent of the first $12,000 of combined income, rather than $15,000.

The change will result in a $26,000 decrease in revenue to the county, Assistant County Attorney Kirk C. Downey said.

To be eligible for the credit, a homeowner’s net worth cannot exceed $200,000, and combined gross income cannot exceed $60,000.

The five-member board approved the change 4-0, with Commissioner John F. Barr absent.

Barr was away on county business, according to County Administrator Gregory B. Murray.

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