Uncontested candidates in West Virginia primary

May 08, 2012

The following state Legislature candidates in the Eastern Panhandle were running uncontested in Tuesday’s West Virginia primary:

State Senate

District 15
Craig Blair, Republican

District 16
Herb Snyder (incumbent), Democrat

District 16
Jim Ruland, Republican

State House of Delegates

District 58
Daryl Cowles (incumbent), Republican

District 59
Larry Kump (incumbent), Republican

District 61
Jason Barrett, Democrat

District 61
Walter Duke (incumbent), Republican


District 62
John Overington (incumbent), Republican

District 63
Donn Marshall, Democrat

District 64
Eric Householder (incumbent), Republican

District 65
Jill Upson, Republican

District 66
John Maxey, Democrat

District 66
Paul Espinosa, Republican

District 67
Stephen Skinner, Democrat

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