Letters to the Editor - May 7

May 07, 2012

Council candidate urges residents to vote

To the editor:

I would like to thank everyone who has encouraged me to run for re-election to the Boonsboro Town Council. During my first four-year term, I have met challenges head-on and have always tried to represent the interests of all of the people of the town when making decisions.

I promise to continue to speak out for more open, more accountable and more responsive government.

Please be sure to vote on Tuesday, May 8, in the Boonsboro Town election at the Community Center in Shafer Park.

Elections are often won or lost by the slimmest of margins. Every vote counts.

Thank you for your support.

Barbara Wetzel
Boonsboro Town Council Member

Longtime resident remembers ‘knothole gang’ days

To the editor:

Regarding if a Suns baseball team is needed or not, I would like to comment on what baseball in Hagerstown meant to me.

I am 75 years old and can remember when there was a “Knothole Gang” at Municipal Stadium. It was run by a West End city councilman named Jack Hellane. There was a section of the bleachers at the end of the third base line that was free to kids. We knocked on the gate and Jack would let us in. We had a great time.

When I was about 12 years old, I got a job from Mr. Chester Butler, who ran the concession stand, selling ice cream in the stands.

I can reflect on my days at the ball games and recall the enjoyment I and all the other, mostly West End kids, had. Something like that should be in place for the kids now. Just run a fence up a section of the bleachers, put a gate in somewhere and make the kids a “knothole gang” spot. They will come.

James Flynn

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