Heritage Academy student applies to nine schools

Boyd narrows it down to two colleges

May 06, 2012
  • Boyd

Applying for college can be an overwhelming prospect.

Many students choose to apply to a school where they feel certain of being accepted. They often apply to only one college.

If not accepted, then they move on to the next school on their list.

Most do not seriously consider schools such as Harvard, Yale or others on the U.S. News list of top 25 colleges. 

Heritage Academy senior Bryce Boyd took a different approach. 

He decided to apply to nine colleges, including several of the top 25 and then make his final decision after seeing which ones accepted him.

“Being undecided makes it complicated, so I wanted to have a lot of options,” Bryce said.

Since Bryce is considering several areas of study, including economics and finance or computer science, he chose to apply to schools that had “broad strengths and were not just really good in one area,” he said.


Bryce has been accepted at seven colleges.

In addition to the University of Maryland, Rochester, Baylor, Alabama and Brandeis, Bryce has been accepted at Emory University in Atlanta and the University of Southern California, both of which are on the U.S. News top 25.   

He was leaning toward going to Emory, but after a recent visit to USC, Bryce said, “It’s 50-50 now.”

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