Wastewater pipeline-replacement project to cause some service interruptions for Hagerstown residents

May 02, 2012

An ongoing wastewater pipeline-replacement project will cause some interruptions in service for Hagerstown residents, according to the city’s website.

Work was taking place in the area of the MELP plant on Wednesday, the website said.

When contacted for comment, city Utilities Director Michael S. Spiker responded via email, citing information from the website.

Many of Hagerstown’s wastewater pipes are made of clay and are more than 50 years old, which has led to  disrepair and structural defects.

Miller Pipeline Inc., the contractor performing the work, is in the process of installing “cured-in-place” pipelines, allowing workers to simply line the inside of the existing deteriorated pipes without physically removing them, the website said.

There will be a temporary interruption in wastewater service while the new pipeline is being installed.

Water service will not be turned off, but residents should not run any water into the wastewater line from the time services are blocked until the rehabilitation project is complete, including the use of sinks, showers, dishwashers, washing machines and toilets, the website said.


Use of water during the construction period could cause flooding problems, it said.

In a two-part project, workers will first clean and inspect the pipes before returning to install the new pipe lining “days to several weeks later,” according to the website.

Contractors also worked on North Potomac Street recently, city spokeswoman Erin Wolfe said.

A service disruption notice will be placed on the doors of residences that will be receiving work within the next 48 hours.

The project, which will not cause an additional charge for services, began in 2010 and will ultimately rehabilitate nearly 100,000 linear feet of various sized wastewater piping throughout the city by June, the website said.

Further projects may also be done in the future.

— C.J. Lovelace

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