Mail Call - April 30

April 29, 2012

“My child plays Little League baseball at one of the parks in Hagerstown. I’m calling in hopes some of the adult spectators will read this. Even though smoking is allowed at the park, which I don’t think it should be, I ask that you at least use common sense and refrain from smoking during games. It’s setting a bad example for the kids, and also bothering the nonsmoking spectators.”
— Hagerstown

“I just wonder what happened to the lilac blossoms this spring. Some bushes don’t have any, others have one or two; very scattered. Does anybody have any ideas?”
— Smithsburg

“Last year the county offered early retirement to its employees, in an attempt to save hundreds of thousands of dollars. This year they’re not offering it. I’d like to know why they’re not offering it, to help offset the budget problems.”
— Hagerstown

“To the caller from Hagerstown who’s wondering about how a Christian can vote Republican: We also have to realize that the Democratic Party, the majority of them also stand for abortion, which is murder of an unborn, and also, they stand for same-sex marriage. I said the majority of them do; maybe a few of them don’t. But I believe we need to watch and pray about everyone who we vote for, and let the Lord direct us.”
— Boonsboro

“I just wanted to call because I don’t agree with the rezoning going on with the surrounding area, with commercial and residential. I moved to the country to stay in the country. I do not appreciate, you know, them doing this, just so they can change things around.”
— Williamsport

“I realize that London Fletcher has been signed by the Redskins, but at the time of my comment, he wasn’t signed. So I just wanted to let everybody know.”
— Londontowne

“I am done with recycling after the $3-a-month fee. And any commissioner who relies on 200 Facebook friends for guidance should reflect on how many are living paycheck to paycheck.”
— Cearfoss

“March felt like June, April feels like March. Can’t wait to see what summer brings; maybe some snow.”
— Clear Spring

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