Washington County Free Library announces poetry and short story contest winners

April 26, 2012

Washington County Free Library announces the winning and honorable mention entries in its annual poetry and short story contest.

The contest was open to writers from second grade through adult. Residents of Washington County or people with a valid Washington County Library Card were eligible to enter.

Winners were declared in five age divisions — grades two and three; grades four and five; grades six to eight; grades nine to 12; and adult. Two winners were chosen for each category and in most cases an honorable mention was also included.

Poems were judged by elementary and secondary education teachers in the Washington County Public Schools.

The contest will conclude with a banquet on Friday, May 4, and a children's author presentation during Washington County Reading Day on May 5 at Valley Mall.

Grades two and three — Short Stories:

 Winners: "Ghost on Haunted Hill" by Mayson Deighton, grade 3

 Fairyland Forever by Samantha Agostini, grade 3

 Honorable Mention: The Duck Who Swam Backwards by Hannah Miller, grade 3

Grades two and three — Poetry:

 Winners: "The Green Wide Open River" by Ariona Heise, grade 2

 "Dragons Everywhere" by Hannah Miller, grade 3

 Honorable Mention: "The Library" by Kate Prenger, grade 3

Grades four and five — Short Story

 Winners: "The Best of Both Worlds" by Sophie Scheck, Gr. 4

 "Anne's Journey Through the SadasQuads" by Honor Martin, Gr. 5

 Honorable Mention: "A Dream Come True" by Peyton Blood

Grades four and five — Poetry

 Winners: "Building Stately Mansions" by Zach Wandalowski, Gr. 4-5

 "Gone but Not Forgotten" by Mackenzie Shank, Gr. 4-5

 Honorable Mention: "Death by War" by Logan Barrett, Gr. 5

Grades six to eight — Short Story

 Winners: "The Runner" by Quinn Wandalowski

 "The Garden Tender" by Jade Lee

 Honorable Mention: "The Living Dream" by Carissa Keely

Grades six to eight — Poetry:

 Winners: "Hickory Dickory Dock" by Hannah Rottmund

 "Someone's Poem" by Nathan Retherford

 Honorable Mention: "Daniel" by Dakota Vaughn

Grades nine to 12 — Short Story:

 Winners: "The Search for William Donovan" by Stephanie Eberly

 "Wrath of the Gods" by Joanne Lee

 Honorable Mention: "Ripple Effect" by David Hills


Grades nine to 12 — Poetry:

 Winners: "The Junk Heap" by Joanne Lee

 "In Between" by Molly Gavin

 Honorable Mention: "Firefly: You Can Only Free Yourself" by Sarah Usary

Adult — Short Story

 Winners: "The Daring Dingle Adventure of Bristol and Desdemona" by Cheryl Barnes

"Hands" by Amanda England

 Honorable Mention: "Leap" by Colleen Gadon

Adult —  Poetry

 Winners: "Sweet Memory" by Krislyn Shank

 "Curtain Call" by Kathleen Renee

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