Mail Call - April 19

April 19, 2012

“I would like to say the Texas Tenors show at The Maryland Theatre Saturday was awesome. The Maryland Symphony Orchestra accompanied them, to my delight. I’m very disappointed with Herald-Mail. They did not cover this concert, or at least, it was not put in the paper. People complain there is nothing to do in Hagerstown, then the paper doesn’t even publicize such a wonderful performance.”

— Boonsboro

“Concerning Mitt Romney, I feel he’s probably going to be the next president, due to the fact that he’s going all over the country putting on a pretend-to-care speech about the gas prices, and most Americans are upset about the gas prices, so they’ll probably elect him.”

— Greencastle, Pa.

“In regards to the person speaking about not being able to vote after you’re age 80, I feel that they have a lot to learn, because I am 80 and I probably have more sense about voting than they ever had. I spent nine years fighting for my country, so I think I have the right to vote, to say who runs it.”

— Williamsport

“I’d like to comment on the charge for recycling. Once we get people encouraged to recycle and they start doing so, and they get into the swing of things, now you want to charge them. That makes no sense.”

— Hancock

“This is on the water and sewer rate hikes, and the other part would be, ‘Finance director: Say no to increased funding.’ Well, Mrs. Murray, congratulations. Finally someone had enough nerve to put no increased fundings out there. It’s time to cut back a little bit. You need to cut back on your programs.”

— Hagerstown

“Hagerstown caller, you showed how desperate you extreme partisan Democrats are, claiming the Senate version of the transportation bill would create millions of jobs — millions. Ridiculous, especially coming from the party of President Obama, whose energy policies destroy hundreds of thousands of jobs, and a Senate that refuses to even vote on House past job creation bills, and hasn’t passed a budget in three years. And if passing this bill really would create millions of jobs, why didn’t they pass it ... during the two years Democrats controlled the presidency.”

— Frederick, Md.

“Obamacare will become law, follow the money, insurance companies, drug companies will get 40 million new customers, and it will create millions of new jobs in U.S. Get educated, Washington County.”

— Hagerstown

“About gay marriage, not calling it marriage, instead calling it a civil union, legal and with the same benefits, you say be loud and be proud. That is what gays are doing. You think homosexuality just started? No, it started thousands of years ago. It just took this long to be loud and proud. It’s (a) religion that’s the curse of the world. How many have died in the name of religion? So much for ‘Thou shalt not kill.’”

— Hagerstown

“How do you know the feral cats on Northern Avenue have been trapped and neutered? Have they been checked by any vets to see if that statement is true? I would think not all are fixed, if not most. Most people who take the time to get their cats spayed or neutered don’t throw them away and forget them.”

— Clear Spring

“Does anyone remember the year of the Palm Sunday Hagerstown blizzard, in the 1940s? Was it 1941 or 1942?”

— Halfway

“To the person from Keedysville who on April 5 said they were tired of hearing about  President Obama’s accomplishments: Feel free to put your own article in as to the accomplishments of the Republican Congress since the last election. Hope you can think of something. Their main objective was to disrupt the president and make him look bad. Didn’t work.”

— Smithsburg

“Nothing that comes out of a dog or cat is good for lawns, but pet owners know that, so some let them use our lawns instead of their own. While some owners do use pooper-scoopers, pet urine cannot be removed from flowers, trees or shrubbery. I love pets; just don’t like irresponsible pet owners.”

— Martinsburg, W.Va.

“I just heard that some Washington County BOE buses will be equipped with cameras to catch drivers who pass illegally. How about finishing the installation of inside cameras first? They were halted due to lack of funds.”

— Cearfoss

“I just wanted to call and say I agree with the caller who was complaining that Boonsboro police and the sheriff’s deputies drive past everyone parked in a no-parking zone, for baseball at Boonsboro High School. That’s a two-lane street, and there’s people parked in a no-parking and it’s hard to get by, because then they want to park on both sides. They didn’t have an issue writing tickets for the AAA football league when they were there and parked in the red no-parking zone, so I think fair is fair. They should start ticketing.”

— Sharpsburg

“Do you want a government where all the people are represented fairly and treated fairly, in all that they experience in their lives, or do you want a government that will take back everything that has been voted for to help all people, and will tax you while they take billions of tax cuts for themselves? That money could be used to bring down the deficit that the Republicans have been fussing about the whole time our president has been in office.”

— Hagerstown

“Can anybody tell me if it is too late to order Orioles World Series tickets for this year?”

— Maugansville

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