Letter to the Editor - April 16

April 16, 2012

Put an end to 40 years of Shuster

To the editor:

Forty years ago Bud Shuster blew into town, registered to vote in Bedford County (Pa.) and picked up petitions to run for Congress. A slick, big-money primary campaign gave him the Republican nomination, and in this 2-1 Republican district, and the rest is history.

As a young reporter, I covered Bud’s announcement press conference and have witnessed the Shuster saga ever since. In 2000, after the House of Representatives reprimanded him for “serious official misconduct,” Bud resigned one day after his 15th swearing in and set things in motion for his son, Bill, to replace him.

Many good Democrats have attempted to end the “Shuster dynasty.” Beverly Hillbillies actress Nancy Kulp ran against Bud. Scott Conklin, 2011 Democratic lieutenant governor nominee, nearly stopped Bill in his first race. Even I ran against him once!

Republicans, too, have questioned representation by a do-nothing party-line representative. In 2004, Mike DelGrosso, of spaghetti sauce and amusement park name fame, nearly took the Republican nomination.

This year the campaign is a bit different. Because Pennsylvania election rules make it nearly impossible for Independents to get on the ballot, registered Independent Karen Ramsburg is seeking the Democratic nomination on write-in votes in the April 24 Primary. Since no registered Democrat is running, I endorse Karen’s effort.

Although an Independent, Karen’s platform — creating good jobs, affordable health care for everyone, clean air and water, a sustainable energy future and providing our children with tools to compete in today’s global economy — clearly addresses the long-term good of our communities and nation.

Believing she will be a credit to our region and a major improvement over the Shuster types who’ve brought our Congress down to 12 percent approval, I urge 9th District voters to write in Karen Ramsburg on April 24.

Learn more about Karen at her website,

Paul Politis,
Greencastle, Pa.
Chairman, Franklin County Democratic Committee

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