Letters to the Editor - April 14

April 14, 2012

Vote Murphy for attorney general in Pa. primary

To the editor:

As a college student, I am very concerned with the proposed budget cuts that once again face higher education. As a student at Shippensburg University, I have already seen higher tuition rates because of last year’s budget proposal by Gov. Corbett. Once again, the governor has targeted higher education in the 2012-13 state budget, decreasing it by 30 percent. Coupled with the previous cuts, it will almost amount to a 50 percent cut in state funding.

Pennsylvanians need an advocate in Harrisburg who will stand up for what is truly in the best interests of all. Corbett has shown through his budget cuts that he doesn’t value the futures of younger Pennsylvanians. Patrick Murphy, who is running for attorney general, believes that Corbett’s proposed budget fails to provide the proper support to public education and continues to ignore the growing link between struggling public education and crime.

Patrick supports affordable education for all and recognizes education as a chief tool in fighting crime. I value my future and the future of all younger Pennsylvanians. I am proud to be voting for Patrick Murphy for attorney general in the April 24 Democratic Primary.

Charles Black
Shippensburg, Pa.

Firefighters saved hundreds of acres from destruction

To the editor:

There have been a number of stories in The Herald-Mail on local fire companies lately and there are frequently stories about government agencies that don’t meet our expectations. We had a recent experience that gave us a first-hand look at the value of the work of fire company volunteers and the DNR Forest Service staff.

On March 29, we returned to our home near Blairs Valley Road in late afternoon and found some of our mountain land was burning. Climbing the mountain to a point above the burned area provided an opportunity to see how the fire was being controlled and to observe the interaction of the various agencies. I was told that the fire was likely started by lightning; the ground is covered with dry leaves and there are enough dead trees to provide plenty of fuel. If the fire had not been spotted and reported quickly, and prompt action taken to control it, hundreds of acres could have burned. Just below me, teams from the Forest Service, the Clear Spring Volunteer Fire Co., and the Mercersburg, Montgomery, Peters and Warren Volunteer Fire Co. were fighting the fire, and I was told there were similar teams from the fire companies from Maugansville and Williamsport (and maybe others) working farther down the mountain that I couldn’t see.

This was the first time I’ve been able to see forest fire control methods near at hand, and the way the companies negotiated a difficult mountain road to stop the upward spread of the fire.  I was really impressed by the effectiveness of the firefighters and how smoothly they worked together, even though from different organizations. To say that we are grateful is an understatement, and I think we should all feel fortunate to have available the services and dedication of volunteers from the fire companies and the Forest Service workers.

Chuck Ernst
Clear Spring

Legislators should consider ‘Death with Dignity’ law

To the editor:

Kudos to Lloyd Waters and his recent column in The Herald-Mail. My feelings completely.

We treat our pets more humanely than we treat our fellow humans. There comes a time in life, whether young or elderly, when life seems to no longer seem as important or worthwhile, when being very uncomfortable physically. Modern medicine cures many ills, however there are conditions that exist that modern medicine cannot relieve.

It is encouraging to find that a few states have passed “Death with Dignity” laws. I urge our polititians and legislators to take note of this and propose the same law for the State of Maryland. If needed, put it up to referendum and let the citizens of our state decide.

Dr. Goodwin, one of the first to support a doctor-assisted suicide law and who was instrumental in passing this law in Oregon, was the beneficiary of the law in 2012 when he was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I would encourage all to make apparent their personal feelings on this very important issue. Pick up the banner and wave until results for passing of this law in our state are a reality.

Tom Wilhelm

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