Getting motivated by Earth Day events

April 14, 2012|Bill Kohler

Esquire magazine recently published an issue titled “For Our Divided Times,” which featured 79 things “We All Can Agree On.”

OK, I’m buying. The cover choice, however, was a little odd: Bill Clinton, who was one of the most polarizing leaders in modern history.

While I might not agree with all of the 79 things (I’m all in on Ashley Greene, National Parks, Woody Harrelson and how amazing the young Eddie Murphy was in his early movies), one thing is sure about the idea: we could all use a common cause around which to rally.

Putting politics aside for a couple months would be a good starting point, but trying to make Republicans and Democrats play nice and be effective leaders for their constituents will take more than a newspaper column.

I found my common cause while — of all places — surfing through my work email at 3:30 a.m. after feeding my son.

It was an email from Beth Thoresen, from the Capitol Theatre in Chambersburg, Pa. Her email was like any other (and trust me, I get a ton), but the idea proposed within was brilliant in its simplicity and goal.

The Capitol Theatre, one of the gems of Franklin County, is hosting a Green Day Recycling Drop “in celebration of preserving planet Earth.”

I was moved.

And motivated.

As we all should be.

While we might be polar opposites on the existence of global warming, we certainly can agree on the value of protecting our planet and doing our part to make our home a better place to live now and for future generations.

Several Earth Day events are planned throughout the Tri-State area, including the recycling drop in Chambersburg.

The deal in Chambersburg is simple: Volunteers and staff will be on hand on April 28 from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. to assist people who want to get rid of their recyclable items, including No. 1 and 2 plastics, paper and cardboard, old computers and printers (you know you have some in the basement) and aluminum.

The action takes place in the parking lot behind the theater at 159 S. Main St.

Some other Earth-saving opportunities coming up around the Tri-State include:

  • On April 21 from 10 a.m. to noon, Friends of the National Conservation Training Center hosts “Build Leaders and Plant Volunteers.” Volunteers can meet the NCTC staff and friends members, and hear about openings in the library, archives, kayaking, book groups and hands-on projects. Visitors also can help plant a children’s garden at the preschool. National Conservation Training Center, 698 Conservation Way, Shepherdstown, W.Va. Go to
  • On April 28, Renfrew Institute’s Earth Celebration Day and Festival of Art features a clothesline art exhibit and dozens of exhibitor displays featuring everything from beekeeping to archaeology to gardening. Held in conjunction with the event, the seventh annual Recycle/Reuse Yard Sale is scheduled from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the park. Admission is free. Renfrew is off East Main Street and Welty Road in Waynesboro, Pa.
  • On April 22, from 2 to 5 p.m., the Antietam Creek Watershed Alliance hosts a chance to pick up paper, bottles and cans along Hamilton Run — that’s the tiny stream behind the old closed McDonald’s on Northern Avenue in Hagerstown. Volunteers meet at the Gold’s Gym parking lot. The alliance will provide gloves, trash bags, and trash grabbers. Wear appropriate clothing. Open to all ages.
That was just a sampling. For more Earth Day opportunities, check out The Calendar page that runs daily in The Herald-Mail or, The Herald-Mail’s calendar site online. It includes events from all over the Tri-State, not just Hagerstown.

And, if you can’t get to one of these events, it’s OK. I hate to be preachy, but every day should be Earth Day. It’s easier than you think. For example:
  • Recycle, reuse, don’t litter.
  • Don’t drive if you can walk.
  • Compost kitchen waste and food scraps.
  • Organize a neighborhood cleanup. I’ve done it a couple of times, and it’s a good way to get kids of all ages out of the house. It’s cool when they see how many bags of trash they can collect in a few hours.
Now those are some things on which we all could agree.

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