Washington County Commission briefs

April 11, 2012

Commissioners to receive hotel-motel tax fund report

Although a new hotel-motel tax fund distribution process in the county allows grants of $25,000 or less to be awarded without approval from the Washington County Board of  Commissioners, the commissioners will receive a report on those awards, County Administrator Gregory B. Murray said Tuesday.

Already, all awards from the hotel-motel tax fund are included in an annual report to the state legislative delegation, as required under a state statute. That report is available to the public on request, Murray said.

Murray spoke of the reporting policy during the commissioners’ meeting Tuesday in response to a Herald-Mail editorial that called for the county to develop a reporting site for appropriations of less than $25,000 in the interest of full transparency.

Opt-out curbside recycling program fosters competition


County officials are pleased that Allied Waste’s opt-out curbside recycling program has fostered competition among companies offering curbside recycling pickup, County Administrator Gregory B. Murray said Tuesday.

The Washington County Board of Commissioners agreed to help promote Allied Waste’s program, but Murray said that does not mean that is the only program the county supports.

“The county backed a recycling program, just like they would back a recycling program from any of these other haulers,” he said.

“When the county backed recycling it fostered this competition, and now people out there have options, and that’s exactly what it was intended to do,” Murray said.

New members appointed to zoning appeals panel

The Washington County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved appointments of two regular and two alternate members to the county Board of Zoning Appeals.

Neal Glessner and Robert Coblentz, formerly alternate members of the board, were appointed to their first full, three-year terms.

Wilmer Lankford and Paul Fulk were appointed to replace Glessner and Coblentz as alternate members.

— Heather Keels

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