Grace Academy students focus on raising awareness of sex trafficking

April 01, 2012
  • Front row, from left, Hannah Eby, Brielle Groves, Camille Sprecher and Keisha Harney. Back row, Brooke Morgan, Shawn Price, Meredith Craig, Heather Groves, Jacob Buwalda, Cole Helman and Camryn Steward. Not pictured: Joss Steward.
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While there, they were given the opportunity to learn about global crises and challenged to make a difference.

One topic that made an impact on the group was the issue of sex trafficking.

Upon their return from the conference, they began brainstorming on how to raise awareness of the 27 million worldwide sex slaves.

On March 2, the students gave an awareness presentation chapel at Grace Academy, which included statistics and solutions.

All high school students were led into the chapel blindfolded in order to simulate a kidnapping, which set the stage for the presentation.

They watched a video created by Joss Steward and heard a heart-wrenching monologue by Camille Sprecher.

As a visual aid, the handprints of all Grace Academy girls, from kindergarten to 12th grade, were collected and displayed.

Each hand represented more than 7,000 victims.

The audience’s eyes were opened to the harsh reality of what happens to victims around the world and the students were challenged to partake in ending the sex trafficking industry.

Some ways to help include: writing letters to the victims to encourage them; writing to  local politicians to raise awareness and provoke attention; donating funds; purchasing products from companies that support the cause, such as Nike and Scentsy; and becoming a prayer warrior.

— By Keshia Harney, Grace Academy student

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