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Democratic Maryland U.S. Senate candidates respond to questions from League of Women Voters

March 29, 2012

Democratic candidates

National economy: What, if anything, should the federal government do to strengthen the national economy and create jobs?

Raymond Levi Blagmon — Work with other countries to increase trade of both American goods and services.

Ben Cardin — The federal govt has to invest in programs that boost job creation & help small business while still protecting/supporting our children, seniors, clean air/water, & important values we hold dear. We need a credible, balanced plan to control our debt while investing in modernizing our transportation, energy & water systems. We also need to invest in education so our workers can out-compete anyone.

J. P. Cusick — The Congress can recognize that it is not ethically sound for any Company to make millions and billions of dollars while failing to employ the many American citizens in need of a job. As such the Congress could create a law requiring a minimum number of employees based on the Company's finances. As in ten (10) employees per every one million ($1M) in revenue.


Chris Garner —  Demand Free but fair trade. Increase college graduates in the value areas of engineering, science, business and medicine. Manage the deficit through balances in reduction of government services and the reduction of the tax code to 100 pages (from about 50,000 pages). Get the government out of the money lending business. Term Limits. Begin the reindustrialization of America.

Ralph Jaffe — The Congress should butt out. Congressional sessions should be reduced from 1 year to 3 months. Congressional salaries should be reduced to one third of their current salaries. (I’ve expanded this original idea of Governor Perry from Texas.) Let private enterprise take its natural course.

C. Anthony Muse — It should develop a sustainable business tax policy that rewards investment in America by American businesses; and provide aggressive tax and other incentives for businesses that hire Americans, making it more attractive to create jobs here than to outsource to other countries. It should encourage the financial sector to provide access to low-cost capital for small business expansion and hiring.

Blaine Taylor — End current wars, avoid future ones, abolish foreign aid and Federal Reserve Bank; consider gold standard on which to base the dollar, end all offshore banking and forbid any gold from leaving US. Enact a one-time credit card debt forgiveness plan that banks can take off their taxes. Consider New Deal-like full jobs programs, rebuild heavy industrial manufacturing base for full employment.

Ed Tinus — Review and remove regulations that restrict the manufacturing of products here in the USA.

Lih Young — Prosecute/eliminate: “MURDER-FRAUD-CRIME-INJUSTICE NETWORKS” operation; unjust/false/misleading practices; private-public; 3 branches, local-global, inc. non-profit. Protect people/families/businesses: lives, rights, reputation, assets, resources. Promote productivity, public interest; justification, cost-benefits, priorities-social needs, budget constraints; rigorous objective reviews.

Federal budget: What are your views on addressing the federal deficit and producing revenue?

Blogman — Work on ways to lower the national debt. Sanction early withdrawal of our troops from the Gulf.

Cardin — Key to restoring our fiscal health is putting people back to work. Working Americans rely less on govt services, they buy more, which helps the economy-and they pay taxes. We need to grow the Middle Class. We need a balanced approach to control our budget. It requires sensible cuts in govt spending coupled with tax fairness, closing loopholes & having millionaires/billionaires pay a fair share.

Cusick —  I agree that the wealthy do need to pay the same tax rate as does other Americans, but I say we need to focus on reducing our huge military budget. Ending the occupation of Afghanistan is long overdue, but we need far more cuts in military expenditures as that would be our best source of producing more revenue.

Garner — We will send over 2 trillion dollars overseas during this administration, while racking up an additional 8 trillion dollars in national debt. We do not have a budget. We are sending our factories overseas. Term Limits is the ultimate solution to this problem.

Jaffe — We should come up with a balanced budget and put a stop to all tax increases. The use of volunteerism can help to reduce the budget and thus streamline the federal government. No one would be fired but when government positions become open, due to retirement or resignation, the openings can be filled with qualified volunteers.

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