Republican Maryland U.S. Senate candidates respond to questions from League of Women Voters

March 29, 2012

Republican candidates

National economy: What, if anything, should the federal government do to strengthen the national economy and create jobs?

Joseph Alexander — We need a new tax system. We need to stop rewarding people and companies that are politically connected with tax breaks to undertake unproductive activity. Three tier flat tax. No corporate tax. Tax inheritance and investment income under the new income tax. A VAT tax. Invest in the future of American manufacturing with new ports, highways, telecommunication-internet access, housing refinance.

Daniel John Bongino — Government must refocus its efforts and pursue a business climate that is favorable for job creation and investment. We need to streamline, flatten and broaden the tax code. Eliminate deductions and lower corporate and capital gains tax rates to encourage investment to create quality jobs. Government needs to stop impeding the American spirit by encouraging and not punishing success.

Robert “BRO” Broadus — The federal government should repeal the 16th Amendment & eliminate the Personal Income Tax. Doing so would put more money in the hands of every working American, who could then pay their bills, save it, or re-invest it in the economy. Doing so would enable the poor to rise out of poverty, and would not punish the rich for their success. Taxes should be used to pay off the national debt.


William Thomas Capps Jr.  — No response received by deadline.

Richard J. Douglas — Our government must make economic recovery a priority equal to stopping the spread of weapons of mass destruction and ending Iranian nuclear arms programs. We must not blame China for problems we have created ourselves through irresponsible spending and inertia. Our government must agree upon a national strategy for our nation’s economic future. An unfocused approach to recovery will fail.

Rick Hoover — We need to actually lower taxes and not just talk about it. We need a fair tax structure that doesn’t stifle people’s ability to spend and save. When people have money to spend they are better able to invest and start new businesses. We cannot continue to be a welfare economy and expect growth and development to follow.

David Jones — The current government economic model is one based on government growth as a good thing and high unemployment a necessary evil. Government growth leads to inflation, that is why the poor get poorer as the value of what little they have falls. The economy today is one of International dependency. We should leverage that to return jobs. Simply, if we don’t have jobs we can’t buy what they produce.

John B. Kimble — We need to remove ethanol from gasoline to lower the cost of energy and lower the cost of food. Curtail the number of H1 visas allowed so that the jobs for Americans are for Americans and not foreigners. We must also stop the spending of our government on programs that don’t work and also raise the value of the dollar so that the cost of fuel goes lower to promote jobs and give more money to spend.

Brian Vaeth — Pass tax breaks and incentives directly on to the consumer rather than giving them to corporations. Put a fundamentally sound energy policy in effect that includes more renewable sources.
Corrogan R. Vaughn — No response received by deadline.

Federal budget: What are your views on addressing the federal deficit and producing revenue?

Alexander — I would cut all federal workers pay by 3%, freeze all federal pay for three years. Combine departments. Make education health education and welfare. Cut the federal budget.

Bongino — The government is not suffering from a lack of tax receipts, it’s lacking the discipline to do the work necessary to eliminate wasteful spending. Contributing to this problem is the deep roster of career bureaucrats who are bound to their donors and the earmarks that curry their favor. We must elect fresh, new voices to government who are willing to make the tough decisions necessary for change.

Broadus — Taxes are not revenue, their sole purpose is to pay the debts. The FED creates debt when it prints money & borrows on anticipated tax receipts. This creates an endless cycle of debt that has never been paid off since Andrew Jackson. We should eliminate all government departments not justified by the Constitution & stop policing the world, allowing taxes to be spent only on things we approve.

Capps — No response received by deadline.

Douglas — A dutiful Senator strives to remove barriers to American prosperity. Forceful Senate leadership can overcome our deficit crisis. It is a matter of political will. From January 2013, the Senate must use every tool it has to remove government-built obstacles to economic recovery and job growth. When such obstacles are removed, economic activity will accelerate, and revenue will increase.

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