School board OKs amendment to superintendent's contract

Clayton Wilcox will be able to negotiate future contract issues with all the school system's employee groups

March 21, 2012

The Washington County Board of Education has unanimously approved an amendment to Superintendent Clayton Wilcox’s four-year contract to separate him from the nonunion-bargaining group for administrators and supervisors.

The contract Wilcox signed in May 2011 tied his pay raises and some of his benefits to those of administrators and supervisors.

School board President Wayne Ridenour said this week that neither the amendment approved Tuesday nor the salary and benefit changes the board approved in February for the nonunion-bargaining group resulted in any pay increases or benefit improvements for Wilcox.

During a board meeting Tuesday, Ridenour said it became apparent to Wilcox during contract negotiations that there were some anomalies in his contract that would preclude him from being involved in negotiations for a segment of employees.


Therefore, Wilcox withdrew as a negotiator and an “outside individual” took over that role, Ridenour said.

The amendment approved Tuesday will allow Wilcox, as chief executive officer of the school system, to negotiate future contract issues with all the school system’s employee groups, Ridenour said.

The board in February unanimously approved a different amendment to Wilcox’s contract concerning contributions to his retirement plans.

The amendment was required due to Internal Revenue Service regulations that limited how much money could be annually contributed to Wilcox’s 457(b) plan.

— Julie E. Greene

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