Tennessee woman freed from county detention center

March 12, 2012|By DON AINES |

A Tennessee woman who testified for the state in a child molestation case involving a Boonsboro man was freed Friday in Washington County Circuit Court.

Christy Woods, 34, pleaded guilty to second-degree child abuse in May 2011 in exchange for her agreement to testify in the state’s case against Gerald Wayne Hubbard. A jury convicted Hubbard, 68, of sex abuse of a minor and second- and third-degree sex offenses Thursday.

Woods’ sentence had been deferred until after Hubbard’s trial was completed. Circuit Judge Daniel P. Dwyer on Friday sentenced Woods to 10 years in state prison with all of it suspended except for the 608 days she spent in the county detention center since her arrest in July 2010.

Dwyer placed Woods on supervised probation for three years and ordered her to undergo a mental health evaluation and treatment. Her attorney, Assistant Public Defender Carl Creeden, said her probation will be transferred to Tennessee.

Hubbard and Woods both were charged with sexually molesting a girl in 2007-08 while Woods lived in a van on a property Hubbard owned near Sharpsburg.

Woods’ 2011 plea was not to any of the charges that alleged sexual misconduct, according to court records. Those were placed on the inactive docket, but Assistant State’s Attorney Brett Wilson said they were dismissed Friday.

“She held up her end of the bargain. We couldn’t have won the case without her,” Wilson said afterward.

That was because the victim, who was 5 when the events occurred, could only identify the man who molested her as “GW,” and Woods testimony was needed to establish that “GW” and Hubbard were the same person, Wilson said.

Woods testified at Hubbard’s trial last week that she never saw Hubbard molest the victim. She testified she had been in a sexual relationship with Hubbard and that he often stayed overnight.

Hubbard testified he did not have a sexual relationship with Woods or with the girl.

Circuit Judge Donald E. Beachley ordered Hubbard held without bail pending sentencing after Thursday’s verdict.

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