Marshall running for W.Va. House because he owes the state and he knows the state

March 08, 2012
  • Donn Marshall
Donn Marshall

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — Democrat Donn Marshall recently announced his candidacy for the District 63 seat in the West Virginia House of Delegates at the foot of the historic Van Metre Ford Stone Bridge.

Marshall, 47, a nonprofit volunteer, ran for the House of Delegates in 2010.

West Virginia’s primary is May 8. The 63rd District is entirely in Berkeley County.

He was introduced by Rod Snyder, president of the Young Democrats of America, who said: “We need public servants like Donn, who put people ahead of politics. Berkeley County would be fortunate to have this kind of representation in the House of Delegates.”

Marshall stated that he chose the date and place of his announcement deliberately, citing the leadership that Washington and Lincoln had demonstrated in their lives as an inspiration to him.

He said the Van Metre Ford Stone Bridge was built almost 200 years before his announcement, and was there when Lincoln was president, and then he asked, “Who built The Van Metre Ford Bridge? A Democrat?  A Republican? A Whig? The party doesn’t matter — what does matter is that this bridge was built by those who wanted a better future for their county and their community — and they built that better future.”

Marshall said he was running for the House of Delegates because West Virginia gave him his start in life and, after his wife, Shelley, died on Sept. 11, 2001, he moved to the Eastern Panhandle, where he was given a second chance at life.

“I owe this state and you an incredible debt and being a delegate is one of the ways I can offer something in return. But I’m also running because I know this community and its needs. When I ran for the House in 2010, I knocked on almost 3,000 doors — I stood on the doorstep of people like you, and I joined them at their kitchen table, and we talked about the issues that mattered to you.”

“We know what happens when we send politicians to Charleston with ideological agendas:  nothing,” Marshall said in the release.

“Their ineffectiveness has led us to the point where all we expect from our delegates is a new street light or a filled pot hole. This election isn’t just about who can get you a street light, it’s about who has the energy, experience, and ability to build a better future for our families. This election is a time of opportunity… a time for leadership, not politics.”

For more information, visit, or his Facebook page.

Marshall lives at 1470 Gosling Marsh Lane, Martinsburg, with his wife Heather, son Drake and daughter Chandler.

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