Hagerstown convenience store owners to apply for liquor license

Mohamad and Saira Khan want to sell alcohol at Nadia's Convenience Store

March 07, 2012

The owners of a Hagerstown convenience store told Washington County liquor officials on Wednesday that they intend to apply for an off-sale liquor license.

Mohamad and Saira Khan said during a hearing before the Board of License Commissioners for Washington County that they wanted the liquor license to sell alcohol at Nadia’s Convenience Store at 200 W. Washington St.

Robert Everhart, liquor board chairman, told the Khans, among other things, that they would have to get fingerprinted, and pass inspections from the fire and health departments.

Khan said he was concerned that the maximum number of liquor licenses already had been issued in Nadia’s election district.

Washington County law stipulates that one liquor license is allowed for every 1,000 people in an election district.

Everhart said that typically is the case, but the liquor board has the discretion to exceed the limit “if we see a need for it.”


The liquor board told Khan that a $300 application fee would be assessed so officials could advertise the final hearing in the newspaper.

Final hearings, which are held at the liquor board office at 148 W. Washington St. in Hagerstown, give the public an opportunity to support or oppose the issuance of liquor licenses.

— Dan Dearth

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