Hagerstown-area gas prices rise slightly

March 06, 2012|By CALEB CALHOUN |
  • The Martin's station on Wesel Boulevard was the cheapest station among those the Herald-Mail visited on Tuesday.
By Caleb Calhoun, Staff Photographer

Hagerstown-area gasoline increased by 3 cents a gallon this week, making it more expensive than the national and state average, according to the AAA Mid-Atlantic Weekend Gas Watch.

Gas prices are at their highest-ever levels nationally for February at $3.76 per gallon for regular grade. The  Maryland average is $3.71 a gallon, but it is $3.77 in the Hagerstown area, the AAA said.

However, regular grade gas was $3.76 per gallon in the area on Tuesday, lower than it was at certain points last week, according to the AAA Fuel Price Finder at

The lowest and highest prices for regular gas in the Hagerstown area were $3.69 and $3.79 per gallon, respectively, according to the AAA.

In Hancock, there was a ride range of prices between stations. The Liberty gas station on East Main Street just east of Hancock was selling regular grade gas at $3.79 per gallon. Mid-grade there was $3.89 a gallon, and 93-octane premium grade was $4.06.


However, less than a mile west in the town, the Exxon AC&T station on the same street sold regular grade gas 10 cents cheaper at $3.69 per gallon. Plus grade gas there was  $3.82 per gallon, and 93-octane supreme grade was $3.92. A diesel option was offered at $4.09 per gallon.

The BP gas station on Maugans Avenue just off of Interstate 81 at Exit 9 was selling regular gas at $3.75 per gallon on Tuesday. The company’s silver grade gas was $3.85, while its 93-octane ultimate grade was $3.99.

The Sheetz station on Virginia Avenue south of Halfway Boulevard was selling regular gas at $3.78 per gallon, but it was $3.75 per gallon with the store’s discount offers. The price for plus grade at Sheetz was $3.88 per gallon, and 93-octane super-grade was $3.98.

The Martin’s gas station on Wesel Boulevard was selling regular grade gas at $3.69 per gallon, plus grade at $3.78 and premium 92-octane at $3.88.

The local average for regular grade gas is also higher than theWashington, D.C., area, which is $3.76 per gallon, the Cumberland area at $3.75, the Baltimore area at $3.69 and the Salisbury area at $3.61.

Crude oil was at $106.70 per barrel on Friday, down from $109.77 the previous week and $104 per barrel at this time last year.

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