Franklin-Fulton Chorus Festival overcomes challenges for crowd-pleasing performance

March 03, 2012|By ROXANN MILLER |

CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. — Every year, organizers of the 2012 Franklin-Fulton County Chorus Festival manage to overcome tough challenges to host a crowd-pleasing performance.

Saturday’s performance in the auditorium at Chambersburg Area Senior High School was no exception.

Nick Metz, a senior at Chambersburg Area Senior High School, has performed in county chorus for three years, and is proud of the end product that results after the initial challenges.

“It’s very much of a challenge. But somehow, in two days of practice, it comes together,” Metz said. “They take the best (singers) from all of the school districts that are around here and put us together, and we put together a very good concert in a short amount of time with challenging music.”

More than 250 junior and senior high students representing 11 school districts participated in the choral festival. The schools represented in Saturday’s event included Chambersburg, Corpus Christi, Cumberland Valley Christian, Fannett-Metal, Forbes Road, Greencastle-Antrim, James Buchanan, McConnellsburg, Mercersburg Academy, Southern Fulton and Waynesboro.

Most of the participants were chosen to participate in county chorus by their school’s choral director.

“These are the best of the best from their school. It’s certainly an honor to participate,” said Bob Eyer, Chambersburg’s director of choral music. “There’s not anybody that comes here that’s not going to improve their musicianship along with just the experience of just making music together.”

The Junior High Chorus was directed by Brent C. Talbot, coordinator of music education and assistant professor at Gettysburg (Pa.) College, and the Senior High Chorus was directed by Richard Overcash, minister of music at Calvary Bible Church.

In Waynesboro, the students had to audition with their school’s choral director to earn a spot in county chorus.

Sophia Black, 13, a Waynesboro eighth-grader, was one of six Waynesboro girls who made county chorus from about 30 who auditioned.

“It’s a really big deal for me because my dad and my sister both sing. So it’s really important to me to try and do my best and excel,” Sophia said. “It meant a lot to audition and to come here.”

At first, Sophia said it’s a bit nerve-wracking, but everything comes together.

“Once you get used to being around new people and you start to sing, you realize that everybody is here for the same thing. We all love to sing, and we all share that passion,” she said.

“This is an honor,” said Tatyana Valentin, 13, of Waynesboro.

The singers had to dress in their “Sunday best” for Saturday’s performance.

While Tatyana wasn’t thrilled about wearing a dress or a skirt, she didn’t have a problem making an exception on Saturday.

“I’ve learned a lot from being here,” she said. “Our director tells us to do certain things that I personally never did before.”

Tatyana hopes Saturday’s experience will help her because she plans to try out next year for “America’s Got Talent.”

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