Ex-chairman of Franklin County Republican Party running for Senate seat

February 27, 2012
  • Jim Taylor
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MERCERSBURG, Pa. — The former chairman of the Franklin County (Pa.) Republican Party has announced his candidacy for the GOP nomination to the 33rd District of the Pennsylvania Senate.

Mercersburg resident Jim Taylor described himself as a conservative Republican who supports right-to-work laws, tort reform, lower taxes and term limits. He said he was a member of the Minutemen who stood watch on the Arizona border.

The 33rd District seat, currently held by Richard Alloway, serves Franklin and Adams counties, and part of York County.

Taylor said in a news release he believes that term limits are critical to reforming American government and supports related legislation introduced by state Rep. Rick Saccone, R-Allegheny/Washington.

Taylor wants to see progress made on tort reform that would put a cap on the amount doctors and other businesses would have to pay in lawsuits, the news release stated.

“Lack of tort reform is driving doctors out of business and making medical costs astronomical,” Taylor wrote in the news release.

He said the Senate is also blocking right-to-work laws that allow workers to hold jobs without having to join or pay dues to unions, saying states with such laws almost uniformly have higher employment than states like Pennsylvania.

Taylor is the chairman of America’s Political Action Committee, an organization that supports conservative candidates for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. He also publishes a local newspaper, the TEA Party Press, which covers politics in southcentral Pennsylvania.

A graduate of Swarthmore College and the Yale University Institute of Far Eastern Languages, Taylor served in Air Force Intelligence in Vietnam in 1967 and 1968. He is a member of American Legion Post 606 in Fort Loudon, the Mercersburg Rotary Club and Gun Owners of America.

He and his wife, Debra, have one son.


The Pennsylvania primary will be held April 24. The deadline to register for most voters is March 26.

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