Dunlap Family Skatepark to be open year-round

Washington Township (Pa.) Supervisors change rules for skatepark at Pine Hill Regional Recreation Area off Mentzer Gap Road

February 23, 2012|By JENNIFER FITCH |

WAYNESBORO, Pa. — New rules adopted for the Dunlap Family Skatepark will open it to skateboarders over the winter.

The Washington Township (Pa.) Supervisors on Wednesday modified regulations for the skatepark at Pine Hill Regional Recreation Area off Mentzer Gap Road. The new rules will eliminate the stipulation that the skatepark be closed between December and April.

Skateboarders and parents concerned about the facility being closed on fair weather days have peppered township officials with requests to open it.

Waynesboro resident Donna Swauger gave the supervisors a petition with 100 signatures asking the skatepark be opened immediately.

“I think the weather is more important than the dates used before,” Supervisor Stephen Kulla said.

The supervisors decided the skatepark will be closed only when snow or ice is on the concrete. The entire park closes at dusk daily.


People who violate the snow and ice rule risk being cited by police, Township Manager Mike Christopher said.

“We’re not going to lock it,” he said. “It’ll just be closed.”

Christopher also said he will instruct staff members to stop spending their time picking up litter around the skatepark.

Users “need to start taking a little bit better care of this wonderful facility,” he said.

The supervisors urged skateboarders to wear their helmets as required by the municipal insurance provider, pick up litter and not use the skatepark when it has snow or ice on it.

Otherwise, they said they want people to take advantage of having the resource in the Waynesboro area.

“I like to see the parks used. That’s what they’re there for,” Supervisor William Conrad said.

The $218,000 skatepark, which opened in 2008, was donated by Paul and Barb Dunlap.

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