Washington County awards $3 million in contracts for road work

Nine of 26 roads will be repaved, the rest of the road work will be patching and crack filling

February 21, 2012|By DON AINES |

The Washington County Board of Commissioners Tuesday approved two contracts totaling about $3 million to repair and maintain about 50 miles of the county’s 840 miles of roadway, although rising oil prices could affect the list of roads to be treated.

The commissioners awarded a $1,730,220 contract to Craig Paving Inc. of Hagerstown to repair and maintain 26 roads totaling 10.72 miles, with hot-mix asphalt applications.

Robert Slocum, deputy director of county public works, told the commissioners about six miles of roads will be repaved.

The longest section will be 2.75 miles on Dam No. 4 Road between Spielman Road and Downsville Pike, according to the projects list.

Nine of the 26 roads are to be repaved, while the rest of the road work is for patching and crack filling, the list said.


Craig Paving was the lowest of four bidders and won the same contract last year, Slocum said.

The other contract, for $1,221,428, went to American Paving Fabrics Inc. of Hanover, Md., to apply asphalt and crushed stone — a process known as chip and seal — to more than 41 miles or road surface on 33 roads.

American Paving Fabrics Inc. had the lower of two bids, and it is the third year the company will do that work, Slocum said.

The two winning bids came in slightly below the engineer’s estimates, according to the project documents. The paving work is expected to run from April through June, while the chip-and-seal work will take place from May through July, project documents said.

A sharp rise in the price of oil, from which asphalt is derived, could cause some projects to be taken off either or both lists, Slocum told the five commissioners.

Asphalt prices have been on the rise, going up $20 a ton since the bidding process began, Slocum told the commissioners. The price of asphalt is up 27 percent from last year, he said.

The hot mix used on roads, which includes asphalt and aggregates, is up about 12 percent from last year, Slocum said.

The contracts allow for an asphalt adjustment in the contracts should the price of asphalt go up or down.

An increase could result in the list being adjusted, but not necessarily, Slocum said.

“What has happened more often is we’ve been able to find cost savings within the projects,” he said after the meeting.

There are contingency funds of $108,000 available to cover an adjustment in asphalt prices, the project documents said.

Hot-mix asphalt treatment

The following is a list of 10.72 miles of Washington County roads to be maintained with hot-mix asphalt applications. Cost of the work is expected to be $1,730,220. The work will include such treatments as repaving, patching and repairing cracks to:

  • Dam No. 4 Road from Md. 63 (Spielman Road)/Md. 632 (Downsville Pike) to Woburn Road, 2.75 miles. 
  • Hopewell Road from Shawnee Terrace to 120 feet south of bridge,  0.65 mile.
  • Oliver Drive from Maugans Avenue to the dead-end cul-de-sac, 0.14  mile.
  • Maugans Avenue from Maugansville Road to the dead end, 0.09  mile. 
  • Marsh Pike from Paramount Elementary School entrance to Air View Road, 1.36  miles.
  • Victory Drive from Marsh Pike to the dead end, 0.05 mile. 
  • Industry Drive from U.S. 11 (Pennsylvania Avenue)/Henson Boulevard to U.S. 11 (Pennsylvania Avenue)/Jarkey Drive, 0.34 mile.
  • Industrial Lane from Fergusson Lane to the dead-end cul-de-sac, 0.34 mile.
  • River Bend Court (west) from Dam No. 4 Road to the dead-end cul-de-sac, 0.44 mile.
  • Fergusson Lane from Industrial Lane entrance to EPS CCA, 0.13 mile. 
  • Countryside Drive from Leona Avenue/Green Mountain Drive to the dead-end cul-de-sac, 0.46 mile.
  • Alpine Drive from Countryside Drive to Sunrise Drive, 0.60 mile.
  • Green Mountain Drive from Leona Avenue to the dead-end cul-de-sac, 0.24 mile.
  • Blue Mountain Drive from Leona Avenue to dead end, 0.22 mile.
  • Distant View Drive from Eby Lane to Binkley Avenue, 0.33 mile. 
  • Binkley Avenue from Maugansville Road to Distant View Drive, 0.12  mile. 
  • Leona Avenue from Village Mill Drive to Countryside Drive, 0.28  mile.
  • Village Mill Drive from Binkley Avenue to the railroad crossing, 0.46  mile.
  • Edith Avenue from Maugansville Road to the dead-end cul-de-sac, 0.09 mile. 
  • Garnette Avenue from Maugansville Road to Sunrise Drive, 0.19  mile. 
  • Greenfield Avenue from Maugans Avenue to dead-end cul-de-sac, 0.40 mile. 
  • Sunrise Drive from Maugans Avenue to dead end, 0.41 mile. 
  • Industrial Lane from Governor Lane Boulevard to Fergusson Lane/Grumbacker Lane, 0.31 mile. 
  • Grumbacker Lane from Industrial Lane to dead end, 0.14 mile.
  • Eby Lane from Village Mill Drive to Distant View Drive, 0.07 mile.
  • Reiff Church Road pavement near Shelby Circle to pavement near Shelby Circle, 0.13 mile. 

Chip-and-seal applications

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