Letters to the Editor - Feb. 20

February 20, 2012

Multi-use stadium would add to revitalization of city

To the editor:

After reading the recent letter to the editor from J. Wallace McClure, it seems to me that he has no vision for Hagerstown’s future.

Although I am no optometrist, I’d guess that Mr. McClure’s condition might be diagnosed as “near-sightedness.” He seems to lack the vision to see what Hagerstown’s future could be. A multi-use stadium, which would attract not only Suns fans, but high school sports tournaments, concerts, etc., would add immeasurably to the revitalization of this great little city.

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve driven to Hagerstown to eat at restaurants, to picnic in beautiful City Park, to walk around the square, to stay in local hotels, to attend lectures at the magnificent Museum of Fine Arts and, of course, to attend a gazillion Suns games.

Those who live outside of Hagerstown in the Tri-State area have happily spent time and brought money into the city and, in return, have experienced great joy and many good memories for our families.

Mr. McClure’s statement, “If I were the mayor of Hagers-town ...” surely makes many quake in fear at the thought of that ever happening.

Babs Savitt
Myersville, Md.

Symphony performance a marvelous learning experience

To the editor:

Last weekend, we were treated to a marvelous classical music learning experience. The creator of this event was the music director of the Maryland Symphony Orchestra, Elizabeth Schulze. She skillfully and artistically took the audience beyond the traditional concert fare of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and Brahms.

Maestro Schulze not only selected less known, but exquisite musical pieces from the glory days of 19th-century Paris, but also carefully tutored the audience about the composers and their passions and genius for music. Her enthusiasm was indeed contagious.

The result was a delightful, melodious and enjoyable concert that was most enthusiastically received by the audience. Bravo to Maestro Elizabeth and vive la France! We are very fortunate to have her as the talented conductor of the Maryland Symphony.

Bill Alexander

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