Letters to the Editor - Feb. 18

February 18, 2012

Organizations that know ‘truth’ need support

To the editor:

President Obama made it very clear he has an obligation to maintain abortion rights so “all daughters may fulfill their dreams.” This might backfire on him one day.

You see, Malia and Sasha are obtaining a first-rate education in their private school. Hopefully, this means they will get an accurate scientific explanation of human reproduction.

By that, I mean they will learn that from the moment the egg and sperm unite to form that one new cell, all information needed to develop is present. If left uninterrupted, nine months later, a baby is born.

Will the two girls mind that their dad used them as his excuse to demand legislation which permits (about 50 percent) unborn girls from the right to fulfill their dreams? Time will tell.

Many women or girls who feel they need an abortion feel scared or alone, or both. They do not need to be condemned; they need to be told the truth and given support.

In Hagerstown, the Hagerstown Pregnancy Center and Mary’s Center are two organizations that know the truth and are a support to women. Both organizations can use your support — as a volunteer, by monetary support or maybe you could sponsor a “baby shower” for them at your organization.

This letter is about being told the truth. It was never meant to condemn.

Patricia A. Patterson
Falling Waters, W.Va.

Please keep ‘gay’ out of marriage

To the editor:

Allow me to make reference to the letter of Donald Hutson (Feb. 15) about gay marriage. The definition of marriage should remain as it has since marriage began. Leave “gay” out of it.

It appears politicians are looking for the easy way to appease gay people. There are laws such as power of attorney, contracts, etc. If they are not fully protected through current laws, make some new ones to do so, but do not attach gay to marriage.

To Gov. O’Malley and all of the politicians of Maryland, I ask that you do not pass a law allowing gay people to become a couple in marriage. Marriage has been the joining of a man and a woman, and should remain that way until God tires of our defiant actions and brings an end to earth as it is.

And to Mrs. O’Malley, I would like to remind her that people who do not vote for gay marriage are not cowards. On the contrary, I am against gay marriage and do not consider myself a coward. Cowards do not enlist in the United States Army at 16 years old and serve in World War II, Korea and Vietnam.

Don’t call me a coward, Mrs. O’Malley. I helped to give you the freedom you so insultingly use.

Ned Renner

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