Letter to the Editor - Feb. 17

February 17, 2012

Is Obama really principled and mentally balanced?

To the editor:

Having just read a letter to the editor from Sam Cuthbert today (Feb. 9), I felt compelled to write. As I was reading the letter, I found myself agreeing with Mr. Cuthbert, which is certainly a switch.

But then I came to the paragraph, and I quote him, “As I compare the principled, mentally balanced and steady (but human) Barack Obama with the coterie of sad, wounded souls who yearn to lead the GOP back to heaven ...,” I said, “whoa!”

Principled, mentally balanced, and steady — does that describe a man who puts his desire and ambition to be re-elected above what’s best for the country? I think not. What is sad is the fact that Mr. Cuthbert (and many others) have been blinded by the toothy, flashy and phony smile, plus the false rhetoric that spews from this man.

Also sad is that they do not see, or will not admit, that Barack Obama is leading this country down a path to destruction, and if re-elected will succeed in destroying everything upon which this great country was founded. He is continually issuing intrusive mandates that affect our personal lives and present a risk to our very freedoms. From what type light bulbs we can use in our home, to the car we can drive, to health care, and now to contraceptive procedures, he continues to dictate because he knows better than we, what is good for us.

Barack Obama will go down in history as one of the worst, if not the worst, presidents to occupy the Oval Office. Wake up Americans. We cannot afford another four years of Barack Obama, his questionable competency and character, nor his inept administration.

Pat Keyser

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