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Letters to the Editor - Feb. 15

February 14, 2012

Debt, Congress are destroying America

To the editor:

Congressional term limits — no tenure — no pension. No pay while out of the office or on the campaign trail.

Congressmen should purchase their own retirement plans like the rest of us. No longer should they get full retirement after one term or paychecks for life.

They should no longer vote themselves annual pay raises, when seniors and federal retirees received no increase.

They should lose their health care plans that we pay for and they should participate in the health care system they voted for the rest of us.

They should abide by all laws they impose on the American people.

While the American people suffer and tighten their belts, Congress is feeling no pain, which could be the cause of their inertia.

Reducing the size of Congress and their staff will save a bundle and is what a business would do when it falls on hard times. Congress should lead by example.

Why do the president and members of Congress retire with incomes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars when the average annual income for seniors on Social Security is about $12,000?

How long can we keep printing money to pay our bills? Our debt is destroying us, as is our Congress.

America has become the land of special interest and the double standard.

Mary Butts
Chambersburg, Pa.

It is time for all of God’s cowards to stand up

To the editor:

Gov. O’Malley’s wife said recently that people who didn’t support the gay marriage bill last year are “cowards.”

I thank God that we have some who have the backbone and morals to stand for the right.

I would much rather be a coward for God than a hero for the devil like Gov. O’Malley and his gay friends. He said he’s concerned about the children. I am, too, concerning the environment they are being raised in.

I believe it is time for all of God’s cowards to stand up and say enough is enough. First, it was prayer in schools, then the 10 Commandments, and attacks on “in God we trust,” the pledge of allegiance, etc.

I believe God created Adam and Eve, then the devil created “Adam and Steve” and “Mary and Jane.”

I believe in gay rights under God’s law as referred to in Leviticus (18:22 and 20:13) and Revelation (6:9 and 21:8).

God has been good to Maryland, but I would fear for his wrath. Look at California — earthquakes, mudslides, fires started by lightning strikes and storms. And if levees break, millions will have contaminated water.

Seems like Gov. O’Malley is doing everything in his power to make a hardship on the seniors and working people in the State of Maryland.

May God help and bless us. Ring your representatives’ phone off the hook.

Donald Hutson

Another attack on the Maryland homeowner in the works

To the editor:

Beware, homeowners. Just when you thought the housing industry couldn’t get any worse, Gov. O’Malley has proposed to take away your mortgage interest deduction and property tax deduction. Instead of working to incentivize home ownership in Maryland, O’Malley is trying to put yet another tax on real estate.

This is not the way to stimulate the housing industry and to help the state in its much-needed recovery. The proposal will eliminate the interest deduction for Maryland families who own their homes and will further suppress our growth. Instead of demonstrating fiscal responsibility by cutting the budget,  O’Malley needs to raise more revenue to fund his programs and entitlements.  This is just the first attempt to grab more of your hard-earned dollars, and you must beware more is coming.
According to the state comptroller, the mortgage interest deduction along with the deductibility of local and state real estate taxes accounted for almost 70 percent of all deductions claimed by Maryland taxpayers during 2008.  More than one-fifth of all home-owners in Maryland are “under water,” and owe more than their home’s market value. Another 5 percent are near negative equity position. Raising taxes on homeowners is another attack on the homeowner, and we must rise up in opposition.

Therefore, the Hagerstown Tea Party encourages all homeowners to write to your elected officials and let them know not to eliminate the mortgage interest deduction and real estate tax deductibility. Call them direct, email them or send a letter. Your voice is very important and will be heard. Send a message to Annapolis. Do it now.

Nancy S. Allen
The Hagerstown Tea Party

Please put favorite comic back in the newspaper

To the editor:

Please consider putting Rex Morgan, M.D. back in the comics section of The Herald-Mail. That was one of my favorite comics, which I read each day, and I really miss it.

I read a letter from another reader of the paper, who also misses Rex Morgan, and I agreed with the reader that I wish you would consider putting Rex Morgan, M.D. back in the comics.

I feel sure there are other readers who also enjoyed this comic. Please consider putting Rex Morgan back in the comics section. Thank you.

Julie Miller

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