Letters to the Editor - Feb. 11

February 11, 2012

Suns have overstayed their welcome

To the editor:

As a former member of Hagerstown City Council (1997-2001) who is familiar with the quest by Suns owners to have a new stadium built for the team, I am compelled to offer my thoughts on the renewed quest, as expoused by part owner Tony Dahbura.

In 1998, then-team owner Winston Blenckstone mounted a drive for a new stadium with a price tag of $15 million. As the project started gaining support, as well as plenty of vocal opposition, the project was actually run up to $29 million and was finally called off by Councilman Al Boyer, who stated that it just couldn’t be done. That was fine with me, because if the council had voted to appropriate the funding, I was ready to lead the opponents to referendum through their constitutional right and let the voters have the final say on a project that was controversial and unneeded as much then as now.

Mr. Dahbura states the Suns shower Hagerstown with $3 million “gold dust” in economic enrichment and, as I verified by researching city records, pay the city one dollar per year. Thank you for your generosity, Suns. In spite of renting the entire facility for such a lopsided sum, the team owners continually beg, coerce and threaten the city every year for more. They achieve this success by threatening to sell the team or, as Mr. Dahbura alluded, the team will be stolen away by some city here on the East Coast. I say let them go.

It is now time for the sun to set on the Suns as one of two things must happen:

1. After getting three appraisals for the stadium, the city can average the three and offer the entire stadium to the Suns to purchase. Then they can renovate, tear it down, built it brand new, whatever. Their money, their choices. 

2. Another city can do us all a huge favor and buy the team. I’ve read that Winchester is on the verge of building a new $16 million stadium and wants a team. Please, please, please, Winchester, do us a huge favor and buy the team. We are all sick and tired of team-owner blackmail to the City of Hagers-town, which has constantly tried to satisfy all your unending demands.

If I were the mayor of Hagerstown, I would not sign a lease like the current one with the Suns. If the current owners can’t fund their quest on their own, let them get it from the multi-billion major league team that uses them as a farm club.

Bottom line, I used to believe the Suns were good for Hagerstown, but I now know they are not and cannot be kept here at any cost.

Goodbye Suns, best wishes wherever you end up, and special thanks in advance to whatever city finally takes this never- ending boondoggle from our midst.

J. Wallace McClure

Concept of same-sex marriage is a false one

To the editor:

Please let me first say that the intent of this letter is not to disparage any individuals, rather it is to defend the sacredness of marriage.

Recently, it was reported that 50 percent of Marylanders now support same-sex marriage. Should this prove to be true, it is an indication of how broadly we have elevated our own thoughts above God’s thoughts.

The first two chapters of Genesis inform us that God’s own image is manifested in the relationship between male and female. To accurately reflect on the image of God, we cannot exclude one gender from the other.

As it would be impossible for God to contradict His own image, the concept of same-sex marriage is a false one. Neither does same-sex marriage pertain to justice, love, commitment or even freedom, all of which find their source in God’s nature. To claim these as justification for same-sex marriage is to set God’s nature against God’s image.

In marriage, there is a fullness of God’s image not seen outside marriage, nor is it seen inside marriage but by the union of male and female.

Is it not unfathomable audacity to challenge God in the expression of His image on the earth?

Diane Eves

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