Letters to the Editor - Feb. 2

February 02, 2012

County Republican group opposes gas tax increase

To the editor:

The Herald-Mail recently published several stories about a secret meeting between local business and political leaders on a strategy to gain support for a 15-cent-per-gallon gas tax increase. The main concern of this group should have been the impact on Washington County voters of increasing the gas tax rather than on how to fund “pork projects.”

Many Washington County workers commute outside the county and are affected by the already-high price of gasoline. Higher gas taxes will also result in increases for all goods and services purchased by Washington County families.

The Washington County Republican Party has always supported the concepts of small government, low taxes, respect for individual liberty, the right to keep and bear arms, and the sanctity of human life. During the past year, the Washington County Republican Central Committee has developed a strategic plan that documents those core values for principled leadership.

Too often, elected officials forget the voters who support these values and govern based on the desires of special interest groups whose motives are self-serving and not always in the best interest of Washington County taxpayers.

As elected officials who support the working families of Washington County, the WCRCC opposes increasing the gas tax. We would have great difficulty endorsing or supporting any elected official or candidate who supports the gas tax increase.

For the benefit of all taxpayers, we encourage our Democratic counterparts to take the same position.

Please visit us at to share comments.

Ray Givens, chairman
Washington County Republican Central Committee

Adoption is a better option than abortion

To the editor:

Another year comes and goes with the Right to Life march on Washington, D.C., to end abortion. Abortion has been legal in the United States now for 39 years since Roe vs. Wade legalized it. Thousands descend on Washington, D.C., in all kinds of freezing, wet weather by the busloads protesting this act because they believe it is unjust and deeply troubling.

Something like this should never be happening. The failure to act against this amounts to evil-doing, and the silence of ignoring it condemns these bodies to continued suffering. Killing these babies is killing love, and the babies are not the only victims. The consciences of mothers, fathers, grandparents, etc., are doomed to suffer terrible mental anguish for their entire lives. We must continue to pray and ask God to act on behalf of these babies to allow them to have their right to life.

There is a solution that doesn’t cause death, and it is adoption. With adoption, the baby gets a second chance at life. The adoptive parents receive the child they have prayed for and waited so long for. The suffering of all involved is greatly alleviated, and God’s blessings can be achieved — blessings so desperately needed for America.

Dorothy Panettiere

It seems that states’ rights won in Virginia

To the editor:

Until recently, one of the best examples of irony was when President Reagan fired the air-traffic controllers for striking. His action was crippling for air travel for some time thereafter. Then they named an airport after him.

This has now been topped.

Republican candidates Gingrich and Santorum, who frequently extol the importance of states’ rights, failed to follow the campaign laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia and will not be on the ballot in the primary. They can also often be heard railing against “elitist activist judges” who are “imposing secularism on the country” from the bench. Gingrich calls the courts “dictatorial and arrogant.” Of course, when they did not get their way, they instantly yelled foul, unfair and brought suit against the State of Virginia asking that the state’s law be overturned so they could get on the ballot. Now that is arrogant.

Apparently, the will of the people of Virginia does not qualify as a states’ rights issue. Their elected legislators created the current election laws decades ago. The judge in Richmond, not wanting to become an “activist judge” subverting the people’s will, said no, the law stands. Imagine that. It seems to me that states’ rights won.

Democrat or Republican, I do not want a president who does not bother to know the laws, feels that a special exception should be made for them and whines when they lose.

David Hixson

Please consider returning some comics to print

To the editor:

I miss seeing my favorite comics in The Herald-Mail. My favorites were Mary Worth and Rex Morgan, M.D.

My most-favored comic is Snuffy Smith, because it is always amusing.

Like many of your readers, I am a senior. The newspaper is read daily.

Please use the input from your many readers as to whether or not certain ones will be considered for re-entry.

Those persons who do not write and let their opinions be known have no reason to complain.

Thanks for reading my letter.

Glenn E. Kerns
Chambersburg, Pa.

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