Daffodils think it's April

February 02, 2012|Anne Weatherholt | Around Hancock

Crazy weather, isn’t it?  My poor daffodils think it is April, and I heard some confused spring songs from local birds in our backyard. The cat wants to sit in the window, and I am never sure whether to wear my coat or not. 

Today is Groundhog Day, that iconic American holiday when we ask a rodent to predict the weather. I’ll bet “Phil” has already been out for a stroll, and they had to strip off his sunglasses when they dragged him out of bed this morning.

In Hancock, we are prepared for snow, but the town is enjoying the respite for the snow removal budget. The town crews, who are usually out plowing the streets this time of year, are getting more sleep and might wonder if it is time to take the plows off their trucks. But, not yet. The area might still have some white stuff coming, even though my poor daffodils think otherwise.

Gold and silver exchange

On Saturday, there will be a gold and silver exchange at St. Thomas’ Episcopal Church from 10 a.m. to noon. Bring your unwanted gold and silver, and you might receive cash for your items. The sponsoring agency is Kingsway Trading, and 10 percent of the proceeds will go to the church to help with its general fund. The church and parish hall are at the intersection of Church and High streets in Hancock.

Band keeping busy

The Hancock Band Boosters are busy this month. Its Wolfgang Candy sale begins today and orders are due Feb. 29. This is a great source for Easter treats. 

In addition, the band boosters are sponsoring a sandwich sale Feb. 7 to 16. You can purchase beef, turkey and ham sandwiches to be delivered on Feb. 22. 

To place an order for candy or sandwiches, send an email to 

The first winter indoor competition takes place Saturday, Feb. 11, in Chambersburg, Pa., for Hancock’s indoor guard and indoor percussion ensembles. 

Finally, enjoy the All County Band concert Saturday at North Hagerstown High School.  Tickets can be purchased from the school or at the door. Congratulations to Autumn Pittman, who will represent Hancock at the festival.

Keep that flag waving

I have had several citizens suggest that I mention the beautiful, large American flag at the Blue Goose Farm Market east of town. As you approach Hancock in the westbound lanes of Interstate 70, the flag appears just behind the exit sign for Hancock. 

Waving during the day and lit up at night, it is an impressive reminder of our great land and the freedoms, rights and responsibilities of all citizens.

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