Two Hagerstown teens sentenced in Washington County Circuit Court to state prison terms

January 27, 2012|By DON AINES |

Two Hagerstown teenagers who had pleaded guilty last year to robbing a woman were sentenced this week in Washington County Circuit Court to state prison terms.

Judge Donald E. Beachley Wednesday sentenced Alonzo Dayshawn Hart, 16, of 254 S. Potomac St., Apt. 2F, to seven years in prison for armed robbery.

Beachley also sentenced co-defendant, Rason Michael Patterson, 19, of 402 Mitchell Ave., Apt. B, who had pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy to commit armed robbery, to five years in prison.

Because the robbery was a crime of violence, Beachley told both teens they would have to serve at least half of their sentences before being eligible for parole.

Hart, who was charged as an adult, had a juvenile record that included an armed robbery at the age of 13, as well as a drug-related offense, Assistant State’s Attorney Christopher McCormack told Beachley.

McCormack said the defense argument might be that prison would make Hart more dangerous upon release, but “he’s already dangerous.”

Assistant Public Defender Loren Villa said Hart is mildly developmentally disabled and did argue that prison “is an inherently dangerous place .... I think that he will be victimized.”

The 17-year-old mother of one of Hart’s children asked Beachley for leniency telling him Hart “is a wonderful father.”

“Don’t tell me that someone who has committed armed robbery is a wonderful father .... I don’t want to hear it,” Beachley said.

The robbery occurred at about 2:30 a.m. on June 19 when two males approached a woman on Salem Avenue. One man pointed what appeared to be a gun at the woman and demanded money, Hagerstown police said.

When she told them she had no money, the other male grabbed the gun, pointed it at her head and grabbed the purse, police said.

Patterson had been the male who first pointed the gun at the woman, but “he sort of froze ... like a deer in headlights,” McCormack said during Hart’s sentencing.

 Hart then took the gun and threatened the woman, who was walking home during a break from her job at a convenience store, McCormack said.

No weapon was recovered, but Villa told Beachley the gun was a toy, and Hart’s father told the judge he had thrown it away.

Patterson is also mildly developmentally disabled,  defense attorney Bernard W. Semler II said after his client was sentenced.

All other charges against Hart and Patterson were dismissed as part of the plea agreement, according to court records.

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