Greencastle Greens Golf Club wants to secure a liquor license

January 24, 2012|By ROXANN MILLER |

GREENCASTLE, Pa. — Right now, Greencastle Greens Golf Club has a “bring your own” policy for golf tournaments and golf leagues.

But Greencastle Greens wants to reduce its liability by securing a liquor license. The hitch is the golf course is in Antrim Township – which is a dry township.

During Tuesday’s Antrim Township meeting, Susan Stepnick, sales and marketing manager for the Greencastle-area facility off Williamson Road, told the five supervisors that permitting golfers to bring liquor opens up the course to liability.

“It (having a liquor license) is an opportunity to provide some control, since we obviously have the liability,” Stepnick said. “We’d like to have the education about what would be required to provide the control through a liquor license without losing all the entertainment value.”


Stepnick contacted officials with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, who suggested she get the opinion of the township supervisors before moving forward with an application with the PLCB.

Fred Young, chairman of the township supervisors, said that he doesn’t think it’s up to the supervisors. “I think it’s a referendum question that’s up to the voters,” Young said.

Stepnick plans to contact Franklin County officials to determine if the issue must be brought before the voters.

In addition, she plans to submit an application to the LCB.

“Let’s go every path and see what trail it happens to create. And if it ends up being no, then it’s absolutely fine,” she said.

Securing a liquor license will not only provide more control over the golf course, but also enable more services to be added to the complex such as weddings and other events, Stepnick said.

Currently, the course offers an 18-hole golf course, a clubhouse and a kitchen.

“We want to make sure we don’t set limitations on what the course may offer. These are improvements that are brought to a lot of higher level golf courses that obviously Greencastle Greens deserves to be,” she said.

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