Lego Robotics League forms at Grace Academy

Elementary, middle school students work in small groups

January 23, 2012
  • Elementary school students participating in the Lego Robotics League at Grace Academy include, first row, from left, Yannick Siewe, Thomas Fink, Ean Anderson, Aiden Nigh, Ricky Brome, Luke Hartman, Adil Patel, Ian Phelps and Charlie Kane. Second row, Tommy Lane, Noelle Cunningham, Lexi Elgin, Christian Storch, Elisha Fisher, Shaun Davis, Isaac Ivosevich, Garrett McCauley and Raj Saxena. Third row, Lego League teacher Robin Harper, Katarina Storch, Grace Cunningham, Myles Leumegni, Garrett Evans, Will Hedges, Jenna Evans, Aaron Beard and Lauren Kane. Fourth row, parent helpers Dr. Sanjay Saxena, Mrs. Fink, Mr. Cunningham and Lego League teacher Ashley Evans.
Submitted photo

The elementary and middle school programs at Grace Academy had the opportunity to be a part of the Lego Robotics League. 

Students who signed up for the extracurricular program participate weekly to learn about STEM, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics, principles. 

The program is in the beginning stages of development.

Students have been working in small groups to complete Lego building challenges that will grow to include robotics. 

Beginning this month, they will be working in small groups to solve problems, demonstrate teamwork and use the engineering design process within the WeDo and Mindstorm Lego software to build robots that complete various challenges. 

This year, the students will display their robotics challenges at a spring educational showcase at Grace Academy, which is off Cearfoss Pike.

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