Parking survey sample questions

January 22, 2012

City of Hagerstown officials launched a survey this month to receive input about the current parking situation from the people who live, work and visit in the downtown area. Below are some examples of questions users can expect to find in the online survey, found at

The survey focuses on seven categories of downtown users, including business or property owners, employees, residents, frequent customers or visitors, University System of Maryland at Hagerstown students, out-of-town visitors and infrequent visitors.

Business/property owners

  • How many parking spaces do you own/lease?
  • Where do your employees park?
  • Do you have a policy that encourages your employees to reserve the most desirable parking for customers/visitors?
  • How do you generally come downtown?
  • What reasons do you come downtown?
  • What do you think parking at downtown metered space, decks and/or lots should cost?
  • How long do your visits generally last?
  • Is it easy to find a parking space downtown?
  • Is parking enforcement/fair?

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