Students selected to perform in All County Orchestra concert Jan. 28

January 20, 2012

Washington County Public Schools will present the 2012 All County Middle and High School Orchestra concert Saturday, Jan. 28, at 7:30 p.m. at North Hagerstown High School.

The concert will feature the All County Senior High School Orchestra with guest conductor Mitchell Arnold, associate professor and director of orchestra studies at West Virginia University, and the All County Middle School Orchestra with guest conductor Stephen Czarkowski, principal cellist at Shepherd University.

Tickets cost $4 in advance or $5 at the door.

 Tickets can be purchased from participating students and/or directors at the following schools: Barbara Ingram School for the Arts; Boonsboro Middle and High; Clear Spring Middle and High; E. Russell Hicks Middle; Hancock Middle-Senior High; Northern Middle; North Hagerstown High; Smithsburg Middle and High; South Hagerstown High; Springfield Middle; Western Heights Middle; and Williamsport High.

Senior Citizens gold cards will be honored, as well as board of education IDs. For more information, call Rob Hovermale at 301-766-2928.

2012 Middle School All County Orchestra

Violin I

  • Hannah Cuthbert, Northern Middle
  • Grace Li, Boonsboro Middle
  • Cassandra Li, Smithsburg Middle
  • Samantha Juedemann, Boonsboro Middle
  • Dakota Vaughn, Smithsburg Middle
  • Mari Mullane, Smithsburg Middle
  • Serena Seiler, Northern Middle
  • Jackson Spickler, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Morgan Fraser, Smithsburg Middle
  • Tanner Barnett, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Blake Goodmansen, Smithsburg Middle
  • Chris Eller, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Tamia Hatcher, Western Heights Middle
  • Elizabeth Diaz, Springfield Middle
  • Vialeta Brodava, Western Heights Middle
  • Katherine Joaquin, Northern Middle
  • Raen Wright, Northern Middle
  • Abby Flitton, Springfield Middle
  • Anthony Benda, Western Heights Middle
  • Sara Mohr, Northern Middle
Violin II
  • Anna Sofia Jones, Northern Middle
  • Eugene Kim, Springfield Middle
  • Kevin Abrahams, Northern Middle
  • Harrison Brown, Smithsburg Middle
  • Kyle Abrahams, Northern Middle
  • Gabrielle Bryant, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Adelina Rolea, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Christina Chen, Northern Middle
  • Elizabeth Vicarte, Northern Middle
  • Madilyn Drust, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Sarah Touhey, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Tanner Shay, Western Heights Middle
  • Maddia Lane, Boonsboro Middle
  • Olivia Jefferson, Western Heights Middle
  • Katelynn Kelly, Western Heights Middle
  • Charlie Valle, Western Heights Middle
  • David Gunther, Northern Middle
  • Sam Pryor, Smithsburg Middle
  • Lexi David, Smithsburg Middle
  • Michael Freeman, Western Heights Middle
  • Emily Swope, Springfield Middle
  • Hajah Conde, Western Heights Middle
  • Ebada Mun, Northern Middle
  • Jacob Tobery, Northern Middle
  • Dana Lutz, Northern Middle
  • Karen Pastwa, Smithsburg Middle
  • Michael Hershey, Boonsboro Middle
  • Jonah Leach, Smithsburg Middle
  • Kassandra Simmons, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Magdalene Green, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Abby Mills, Springfield Middle
  • Jarred Kane, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Alia Wolfe, E. Russell Hicks Middle
  • Alan Lopez, Smithsburg Middle
  • Abby Forman, Boonsboro Middle
  • Chase Fowler, Boonsboro Middle
  • Dallas Davis, Western Heights Middle
  • Spenser Rubino, Smithsburg Middle

2012 High School All County Orchestra

Violin I
  • John Tyler Garner, Barbara Ingram
  • Molly Schneider, Barbara Ingram
  • Andrew Higgins, North Hagerstown
  • Emily Seifarth, Smithsburg High
  • Brigitte Grewe, North Hagerstown
  • Kylie Stoup, Smithsburg High
  • Alexandra Faulkner, Barbara Ingram
  • Angela Kang, North Hagerstown
  • Emily Irwin, North Hagerstown
  • Noah Mun, North Hagerstown
  • Frank Liao, Boonsboro High
  • Katie Milford, North Hagerstown
  • Rachel Cox, Williamsport High
  • Britteria Jones, Williamsport High
  • Madison Kutzera, North Hagerstown
  • Hannah Froehlich, Boonsboro High
  • Chad Gilbert, Williamsport High
Violin II
  • Phoebe Snyder, Barbara Ingram
  • Darina Kantsavenka, Barbara Ingram
  • Rebekah Hurwitz, North Hagerstown
  • Eric Sprecher, South Hagerstown
  • Henry Silbert, Barbara Ingram
  • Emily Smith, North Hagerstown
  • Taylor Barnhart, North Hagerstown
  • Alex Bowen, North Hagerstown
  • Bonnie Dodson, Boonsboro High
  • Samantha Kendle, North Hagerstown
  • Candice Phelps, South Hagerstown
  • Tiffany Potter, South Hagerstown
  • Robin Crabill, South Hagerstown
  • Lawson Cade, North Hagerstown
  • Ayanna McDonald, South Hagerstown
  • Joel Musser, Barbara Ingram
  • Christina Thompson, Barbara Ingram
  • Gabe Schneider, Clear Spring High
  • Karla Panduro, Barbara Ingram
  • Angela Zabala, Williamsport High
  • Jon Blank, North Hagerstown
  • Kyle Madden, Barbara Ingram
  • Deanna Roldan, Smithsburg High
  • Allura Warden, North Hagerstown
  • Devan Boppe, North Hagerstown High
  • Jera Greene, North Hagerstown High
  • Deja Branch, North Hagerstown
  • Kacey Keith, North Hagerstown High
  • Josh Thomas, Smithsburg High
  • Ryan Edwards, Barbara Ingram
  • Lucas Hanson, Barbara Ingram
  • Heather Butts, Barbara Ingram
  • Lara White, North Hagerstown
  • Grant Sherwood, Barbara Ingram
  • Trelon Fuller, North Hagerstown
  • Jessica Glatz, South Hagerstown
  • George Canova, South Hagerstown
  • Alex Udy, Boonsboro High
  • Marcia DeVore, North Hagerstown
  • Alex Hess, Boonsboro High
  • Delaney Conner, South Hagerstown
  • Josh Hollin, Barbara Ingram
  • Alex Van Slyke, Williamsport High
  • Christian Henron, North Hagerstown
  • Kyle Lahr, Barbara Ingram
  • Jake Doorn, North Hagerstown
  • Hayley Beyer, South Hagerstown

2012 All County Orchestra Winds

Flute I
  • Jennifer Manuel, Barbara Ingram
Flute II
  • Whitney Bloom, Williamsport High
  • Sarah Zielinski, Boonsboro High 
Oboe I
  • Rebecca Bushko, Boonsboro High 
Oboe II
  • Karyann Mitchell, Williamsport High
  • Julia Creager, North Hagerstown High 

Bassoon I

  • Elta Clarke, North Hagerstown High 

Bassoon II

  • Garrett Churchey, Boonsboro High 

Clarinet I

  • Brianna Arnemann, Barbara Ingram 

Clarinet II

  • Dana Getka, Boonsboro High 

Clarinet III

  • Sara Wagner, Hancock High

Trumpet I

  • Colton Duvall, Smithsburg High 

Trumpet II

  • Jonathan Grossnickle, Barbara Ingram 

Trumpet III

  • Bobby Plume, North Hagerstown High 

Horn I

  • Nathaniel Philip, Barbara Ingram

Horn II

  • Guy Thomas II, North Hagerstown High 

Horn III

  • Ben Gantz, Boonsboro High 

Horn IV

  • David Heim, Boonsboro High 

Trombone I

  • Kacey Clark Boonsboro High 

Trombone II

  • Andrew Doub, North Hagerstown High 


  • Richard Mounts, South Hagerstown High 


  • Aaron Black, Barbara Ingram 
  • Cate Heaney, Boonsboro High 
  • Jared Mummert, Clear Spring High 


  • Kyle Martin, Barbara Ingram 


  • Samantha Culp, North Hagerstown High
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