Gas prices starting to head upward again

January 17, 2012|By CALEB CALHOUN |
  • Prices at the Exxon AC&T mart were some of the lowest in the Hagerstown area.
Photo by Caleb Calhoun

Gas prices have been at historic highs for early January, according to the American Automobile Association weekend gas watch.

The average price of regular-grade gas nationwide is $3.39 per gallon —11 cents higher than it was at the start of the new year and 4 cents higher than last week.

The average price for regular grade gas was approximately $3.39 in Hagerstown, up from $3.36 last week and $3.11 at the same time last year.

Gas stations in the area reflected those prices Tuesday. The lowest price for regular-grade gas was $3.29 per gallon, while the most expensive was $3.42 per gallon, according to the AAA Fuel Price Finder on its website at

At the Sheetz Gas Station on Eastern Boulevard in Hagerstown, the price at the pump for regular gasoline was $3.42 per gallon, $3.52 for plus grade gas and $3.62 for premium gas. The price of regular could have been reduced to $3.39 if the customer ate at the station’s convenience store.

The Exxon Gas Station and AC&T store at the intersection of Hopewell Road and Halfway Boulevard was selling regular grade gas for $3.29 per gallon, plus at $3.45 per gallon and premium at $3.55 per gallon. It also offered diesel fuel at $3.91 per gallon.

Other gas stations in the area were more reflective of the national averages on Tuesday. Alex Gas Station on North Main Street in Boonsboro was $3.39 for regular, $3.49 for plus and $3.59 for premium. Liberty Gas Station on Sharpsburg Pike — Md. 65 — just off Interstate-70 was also $3.39 for regular, $3.49 for plus and $3.59 for premium.

The Sunoco Gas Station just outside Williamsport, on U.S. 11, had similar prices but more options. While the price was $3.39 for regular, $3.49 for plus and $3.59 for premium, 91-octane premium was selling for at $3.54. The $3.59 per gallon premium grade gasoline was 93-octane. Diesel fuel was $3.95 per gallon.

The average price per gallon for regular grade gasoline in Hagerstown is the same across Maryland, according to AAA. However, the average is $3.41 per gallon in and around Washington, D.C.

Crude oil is at $98.70 per barrel, down from $101.56 per barrel last week and $91 per barrel this time last year.

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