10 things to do to act like a kid with your kid

January 12, 2012|By CRYSTAL SCHELLE |
  • Playing games, whether of the board or video persuasion, is a great way for parents to interact with their children.
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You've worked all day, and by the time you hit the door it's time for dinner, homework and baths. After the kids are in bed it's time for dishes, laundry and your own homework before crashing into bed.

But in the rush of every day, parents often forget to take time for a little silliness. Here are 10 ideas that the Lifestyle staff thought might make you act like a kid with your kid.

1. Get on their level. Kids are constantly looking up, so get down on all fours and have a little fun. Pretend you're a horse. Or have the kids act out their favorite animal. Growls will surely make way for giggles.

2. Fingerpainting. What's more fun than literally getting your hands dirty and creating a piece of art? Cover the dining room table with newspaper and get out the paints. A lot of the newer paints can be easily washed off with soap and water, so no freaking out about the carpet.

3. Pretend you're from a foreign country and say everything with an accent. Tell the kids that they can only speak with an accent for the rest of the night. "Pass the peas, Mum," in a British accent will make the night fun.

4. Play outside. It's been warm enough to enjoy a few hours of being outside. So the swingset that is often ignored until late spring can be brought back to use. Or go to the park and swing alongside the kids on a swing that can handle an adult's weight. Don't watch from the sidelines. Push, swing, get on the merry-go-round.

5. Tell your best knock- knock jokes. Kids love to laugh, so have a joke-off, with each telling the silliest knock-knock joke.

6. Belch. Sure, it's a no-no in public, but have one afternoon of belching. Bodily functions are always in for a good day of silliness.

7. Build puppets. "Sesame Street" is a kid-favorite, so make your own versions at home. Make sure to load up on googly eyes, glue, safety scissors and old, worn-out clothing. Don't give them the stuff and walk away. Dig in and have fun. Then put on a show when you're done.

8. Get dirty. Take the kids on a walk outside. Splash in every puddle. Slide through every mud hole.

9. Dress up. Let the kids get into your closet and have fun. Playing house, veterinarian, doctor, astronomer or teacher are just some of the games that have never gone out of style.

10. Play a game. Whether it's a board game or a video game, getting down on the floor and playing with the kids is always a great time.

— Chris Copley contributed to this story.

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