Letter to the Editor - Jan. 11

January 11, 2012

Rowland’s JFK 50 Mile column deserves praise

To the editor:

Kudos to columnist Tim Rowland for his column, “Runners, conservationists really can get along.” (Dec. 11, 2011)

This column should be reprinted in textbooks as a perfect model of opinion writing.

It has all the classic elements of great column writing, 1. objective analysis, 2. balance, 3. vision, 4. common sense, and offers 5. possible solution to a problem.

During the course of this column, Rowland discloses intimacy with the subject revealing potential personal bias, yet he literally demonstrates he can do the virtually impossible and see the whole forest despite all the trees. Amazing job.

I just pray Mike Spinnler and Pamela Underhill can see the wisdom of his insightful suggestion and sit down to work out a compromise beneficial to all parties.

Douglas Scott Arey
No. 130196EA-111
Jessup Correctional Institution

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