Hagerstown-area residents share their White House wish lists

January 11, 2012|By CALEB CALHOUN |
  • Phillip Adams
Photo by Caleb Calhoun

Hagerstown resident Charles Miller was quick to respond when asked what qualities he is looking for in a presidential candidate.

“They shouldn’t be like anybody who is running,” he said.

Miller, 66, was among area residents who spoke Wednesday about the qualities they want in a presidential candidate.

He said that he does not trust any politician in the two major parties and believed a third party should be created.

“I think members of the two parties are only in it for themselves,” he said. “We need fresh ideas and ones that are presentable in a political forum.”

Gary David, 74, of Williamsport said he believed federal elected officials have become self-serving, and a presidential candidate should be willing to go in a different direction.

“A president should have more empathy for the people,” he said. “It seems like politicians now get elected to see what they can do for themselves; when everything collapsed a couple of years ago, they still got their automatic pay raises, but the common people didn’t.”

Hagerstown resident Phillip Adams said that he wanted a president who cared about the average citizen.

“I don’t do politics but I feel like (the president) should look out for the fellow man,” he said. “Politicians should be helping the poor better and reducing taxes.”

Clear Spring resident Mark Boyer focused on the social and policy issues he looks for in a presidential candidate.

“I’m looking for somebody I can trust and who’s conservative,” he said. “I’m looking for somebody with a consistent record of conservative fiscal policies as well as social issues.”

Boyer, 44, also focused on which conservative values were most important to him.

“I want somebody who is pro-life (and) pro-guns on the social side and fiscally conservative,” he said. “I want my taxes to go down, and I want entitlements to be eliminated.”

Eunice Plank of Hagerstown said that instead of policy issues, she wants a president with good personal traits.

“I look for good moral qualities in a president, which is hard to find,” she said. “I want someone with honesty, integrity, not cheating, not stealing money and good moral fiber.”

Plank, 59, said she wants a president who can get along with others.

“I want somebody who I feel can work with other people,” she said. “That’s the problem right now; the Democrats won’t work with the Republicans and vice versa.”

Ronnie Hayden, 47, of Hagerstown said he wants a president who is well-rounded and can multitask.

“The president needs to care about multiple issues, and be open-minded and compassionate,” he said. “I think education, the budget and jobs are the most important issues, but he needs to care about everything.”

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