Mail Call - Jan. 11

January 10, 2012

“Hagerstown caller, you’re completely ignorant of the truth regarding the payroll tax cut extension issue, and engaged in malicious ... partisan name calling. The House Republicans wanted to extend — repeat, extend the payroll tax cut, not — repeat, not raise the payroll tax. They wanted to give working stiffs a one-year payroll tax cut, instead of the two months — two months, ha — the Democrats wanted and unfortunately got, and they never should have given in.”
— Frederick, Md.

“Having a senior center is like belonging to a country club, only you’ve already paid your dues.”
— Hagerstown

“I see in your Herald-Mail on Monday, Jan. 2, I see where you have the ‘Clock (finally) runs out on ’Skins season.’ OK, so Cowboys fans, your season ran out last night also.”
— Maugansville

“Well, it’s Jan. 2, it’s the first week of the new trash pick-up schedule. What is the matter with people? After all the publicity, and even after the city sent notices to each household, people in my neighborhood sat their trash out last night, like they always do. Only problem is, it wasn’t picked up. As a result, it’s been blown all over the streets and sidewalks by the wind. ... There was nothing wrong with the old trash pick-up service. Why does the city continue to make stupid decisions that are detrimental to the overall quality of life in Hagerstown?”
— Hagerstown

“There seems to be an epidemic of abuse resulting in death, for toddlers, young children, babies, in this country. I think it’s time our lawmakers change the law, that anyone, be it the parent, the step-parent, the mother’s new boyfriend, a neighbor, anyone, who does this to a child, at the least have life without parole. Personally, I think they should get the death penalty ... a child that puts all their trust into an adult, to have that happen to them.”
— Hagerstown

“Why is everybody condemning President Obama? Since he has been in office, we got bin Laden ... and Gadhafi. And now he is bringing our troops home from Iraq, after 10 years of losing many good men. I think that he is a very good president, and he deserves more credit and less blame for everything that has gone wrong. Let us put more blame on Congress. They have 275 millionaires putting time in there ... I think that Obama is a very good president, and he deserves to spend another term in the White House.”
— Halfway area

“I’m calling to respond on the waitress complaining about her tips in a restaurant. My first suggestion is to all waitresses and waiters, is to quit referring to husband and wives coming in to patronize their restaurants as ‘guys.’ We are not guys. We are ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir.’ And finally, please do not seat us beside people who have noisy children who are making a mess of the restaurant. That will help you making more money.”
— Smithsburg

“About the Greyhound terminal moving into Foxshire Plaza, and that’s taking revenue away from the city and county. ... They won’t print the real issues, about what they’re doing to the people out here who live around this area, with all these transits moving in, up and down our ... hours of the day, the buses up and down the street. ... It may, just to prove a point, but you need to check into this, people. The Greyhound terminal belongs where it originally was, out on Sharpsburg Pike.”
— Washington County

“I just moved to Funkstown, and I went to the post office to get my address changed, and I could not get my address changed because I didn’t have my driver’s license changed yet, and they don’t deliver mail; we have to pick it up at the post office. So there’s something the matter with the postal system, and I think that they should get their act together.”
— Chestnut Street, Hagerstown

“Nice article about Hagerstown wants to hire policemen. Let me ask one question. Under the Community Oriented Policing (Services) program, COPS, where for several years we get grant money to fund these positions, and at the end they have to pick them up at the county level, and no grant money thereafter, what do we do in this county and city when there are policemen and deputies under that program? It’d be interesting to know, especially when they only work 100-some days of school a year.”
— Leitersburg

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