Letter to the Editor - Jan. 6

January 06, 2012

Some good jobs might be available in November

To the editor:

So, you’re looking for work. You find out about a job opening, but the employer is not going to fill it for several months as he looks for just the right candidate. You are worried that there will be many people looking for the same job, but you know that you are the one person who can fill the job. You just need to convince everyone else.

It sounds like a job worth going after — flexible hours, great benefits like health insurance, full retirement benefits as soon as you get the job, health club membership, exemption from most labor laws, several extended vacations and fully paid travel to anywhere of interest.

You also hear that 98 percent of those hired by this company are guaranteed lifetime employment. Another great aspect of this job is that the employer lets its employees set their own salaries and rules that address their work hours and conduct. What is really great is that the product that the company makes must be consumed by everyone in the United States.

The only downside to this job is that the consumers must select you from all of those who apply. But history has shown that they are easily fooled by false promises and statements you make about both yourself and others applying for the job.  In fact, more than half of them show no interest in who will get hired.

Well, you have until next November to make your case. So get busy.

Cliff Lane
Black Rock

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