Mail Call - Jan. 4

January 03, 2012

“Most times when I read a religious comment in Mail Call, it always has some ridicule behind it, lots of judgment and a mean feel to it. If you call yourself a Christian, then try to start modeling yourself after our creator. Let your words be gentle and kind, and be humble. Christians are supposed to distinguish themselves by being an imitation of Christ, who was by no means (malicious) in anything he did or said.”
— Clear Spring

“What is wrong with the American people anymore? There’s no courtesy, no respect, no consideration for the fellow man, whether you’re walking or riding. From lights on high beams, and no signals, to running 80 mph, to not even moving over to the left-hand lane when somebody’s coming off the exit — not that it’s the law, but it’s a matter of respect and courtesy. Grow up, people. Quit being so ignorant.”
— Hancock

“It seems like the Republicans might have given in a little bit on the payroll tax cut, which is good, but why do the Democrats have to gloat about it and go ha, ha, in their face? And vice versa, on other matters, when it goes the other way. No wonder these people can’t get anything done.”
— Hagerstown

“This is to the Williamsport person, in reference to the sick pet. No. 1: Nobody should have to drive four hours down the road to see a vet, when we have so many vets right here in Washington County, especially Hagerstown. No. 2: Not everybody has great credit, and that can come from a lot of reasons; losing your job, divorces, etc. And if you take your pet to a veterinarian for years and years and years, I think that they should work with you to make payments, and knowing that you will pay, since you’ve gone there for so long. And I say shame on the veterinarians in this county, that they would let an animal die, instead of taking and making payments and helping make it live.”
— Washington County

“I would like to know who you could call about a lady picking over an old gentleman’s money, and he doesn’t know what he’s doing, he’s way up in his 90s, and she’s taking him for a big ride. Who do you call?”
— Boonsboro area

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