Washington County Board of Education briefs

January 03, 2012

School board changes ethics rules

The Washington County Board of Education Tuesday made changes to the newest version of the school system's proposed ethics regulations.

The rules would apply to school system employees, board members and candidates.

The regulations specify, for example, prohibited conflicts of interest, such as soliciting gifts or participating in any matter in which the person or a spouse, parent, sibling or child of the person has a financial interest.

Under the regulations, the school system would have a five-member ethics advisory panel.

Anthony Trotta, the school district's chief legal counsel, said Washington County Public Schools is required by the state to create the ethics regulations.

The school board already has given preliminary approval to the rules.

On Tuesday, the board accepted changes recommended by its Policy Committee.

An amended version of the ethics rules will be sent to the state for further review before the school board takes a final vote on the plan.

Nine standing school panels set

WASHINGTON COUNTY — The Washington County Board of Education Tuesday approved a new policy for its advisory committees.

The policy designates nine standing advisory committees to the school board, including: Budget Advocacy and Review; Calendar; County Citizens; District Technology Planning; Ethics; Facilities and Enrollment; Family Life; Finance and Audit Review; and Safe Schools.

Members of those committees may be appointed to terms of up to five years.

The board also can form ad hoc, or temporary, committees as needed.


— Andrew Schotz

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