Letters to the Editor - Jan. 1

January 01, 2012

All that was missing was our city leaders

To the editor:

The tour of the downtown Hagerstown churches and the Washington County Historic Society’s Miller House on Monday evening, an event generously and exceedingly well-reported in The Herald-Mail, was a signal occurrence.   

Except for the area of The Maryland Theatre, never in many a year has such an ample group of people in the evening congregated on the streets of downtown Hagerstown.   

Those who partook of this marvelous affair to view the magnificent churches of the downtown also were treated, intentional or not, to the architectural gems that abound in the downtown. The tour was in addition to its stated intention, a wonderful display of that treasure that is the downtown of Hagerstown.

Sadly, however, one glaringly and noticeably missing element was the participation of Hagerstown city officials, those elected and those not so. Unless mistaken, not one of them was there. And these are the people who often and with conspicuous panoply proclaim their dedication to the concept of downtown revitalization.   

Most likely those officials need to be reminded that the rejuvenation of the downtown begins not with grandiose pronouncements and studies but with people, their presence most definitely to be included.

Bill Soulis

It’s not the religious who have done the damage

To the editor:

Lately I have heard and read so much about the evil, “religious right” that causes so much harm to our country and the rights and freedoms of so many.

But may I put a question before you: When you think of the people who have helped you and others the most — given the most — been the first to give aid or charity or compassion, is it the atheist who lives only for himself, or is it the ones you call the “religious right?”

I will be the first to admit that many wrongs have been done down through the ages by some calling themselves Christians. But let me remind you of this important truth: Jesus himself said that many would call him Lord that he never knew.

Just because someone says he is a Christian does not make it so. Only those who have put their truth in him, and walk in the same way as Jesus walked, are truly Christians.

Jesus walked a life of love and compassion, mercy and giving — ready always to forgive the repentant sinner. He walked in humility, even when he knew that he was Immanuel, or God with us. I challenge anyone to find fault with his manner of life or his philosophy.

And he requires all of us calling ourselves his followers to live in the same way. So what exactly is it that makes us so dangerous to you? I am old enough to remember this country when wrong was called wrong and there were Godly values that were acknowledged by all to be right, even if they didn’t choose to live by them.

In those times, we could walk the streets at night without fear, we could send our children to school without fear, homes were made up of parents committed to each other and their children, and one out of every two marriages didn’t end in divorce. Children were not taught in school that unnatural relationships was simply an alternate lifestyle, and that God could only be spoken of as a curse word — certainly not as someone we honor and pray to.

I remember it was only a few years ago when school was started with the reading of scripture, the saying aloud of the Lord’s prayer and the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States. There was respect for God, country, family and one another.

Then someone decided that religion was evil and harmful to our freedom and personal rights. Now look at the mess we are in. Please tell me, who did the harm here, the religious or the irreligious?

Judith Eardley

God and Potomac Edison work miracles

To the editor:

A single-vehicle vehicle accident occurred on the 10800 block of Martinsburg Road on Dec. 21, which resulted in a miracle. The accident halted traffic for a few hours, but that is not the miracle. The miracle is that the driver and his baby were saved from what could have been an accident resulting in a loss of life.

We could complain about utilities sometimes, but Potomac Edison, Frontier, Comcast and Morgan and Berkeley County emergency personnel were there, and they handled the situation in an expeditious manner.

A small car in which the driver was driving hit a large tree then bounced off to a nearby power pole and the pole snapped.Through it all God performed a miracle!

A word of thanks to all who were on the scene assisting the motorist and the baby while the father was waiting to be treated by emergency personnel.

Another word of thanks to Potomac Edison workers for their response from their position of work that day to cut and restore power to that block of Martinsburg Road. I live in that area and I was impressed with the speed with which they were able to replace the broken pole and to get the power back up and running to the folks in that area.

The miracle was performed when God carefully allowed the driver and his son to escape without any severe injuries. The other miracle was the fact that folks from the area rushed to help them out of the vehicle and cared for this five-month-old baby.

I guess you could say after reviewing the accident that God had his protective angels on both the driver and child. What an amazing Lord we serve. This was one of my first Christmas miracles this year. The second was a delivery of food to feed the folks in need in this area which arrived around the same time. What a blessing Christmas is and what a wonderful Lord we serve as he watches over us.

Thank you Potomac Edison for a job well done, as well as for all the law enforcement, firefighters, and ambulance personnel. Merry Christmas. You, too, were a part of the miracle. A special thanks for the miracle that God performed right before our eyes in saving the lives of these two precious folks.

Ron Payne
Hedgesville, W.Va.

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