Three Hagerstown men charged in connection with standoff

Jacob Malachi Adams, Andre Isiash-Robert Washington and Torez Anthony Tanner face variety of counts

December 31, 2011|By DAN DEARTH |

Three Hagerstown men who were arrested Friday night at gunpoint by the Washington County Special Response Team following a 90-minute standoff at an apartment near City Park have been charged in connection with the incident.

Jacob Malachi Adams, 21, of 220 East Ave., was charged with one count each of fourth-degree burglary, handgun on person, firearm possession with a felony conviction, possession of a firearm in a drug trafficking crime, controlled dangerous substance possession of firearms, controlled dangerous substance possession with intent to distribute narcotics and controlled dangerous substance possession - not marijuana, according to deputies at the Washington County Detention Center.

A deputy said Saturday that Adams was being held at the detention center on a $125,000 bond.

Andre Isiash-Robert Washington, 18, of 220 East Ave., and Torez Anthony Tanner, 29, of 607 W. Washington St., each were charged with fourth-degree burglary and were released on their own recognizance Saturday morning, a deputy said.

Police said they were called Friday at 5:38 p.m. to an apartment at 401 Guilford Ave.

A female caller inside the apartment said three men had entered the home with a gun, according to the statement of probable cause. Officers set up a perimeter around the residence and waited for the arrival of the Washington County Special Response Team.

Police made contact outside of the residence with Jeffrey White, who told them he lived in the apartment with his wife, Gwendolyn White, the statement of probable cause said. Officers later determined that Gwendolyn White was the person who called police.

"Gwendolyn White came out of the residence a short time later and provided information to officers which indicated that the three men were still inside the house," the statement of probable cause said.

Jeffrey White told police that Adams came to the residence to have his van detailed. The statement of probable cause alleges that Adams initially wanted to pay White to do the job with crack cocaine.

"When he refused the crack cocaine, they settled on a dollar amount and (Adams) gave him a partial payment in cash," the statement of probable cause said. "(Adams) left the keys with him and told him he'd be back later. At this point, Mr. White knew that (Adams) was carrying some kind of gun because (Adams) told him he had a gun and he could feel it when they hugged each other before (Adams) left."

Documents show that White told Adams the job would take about 90 minutes to finish. Rather than starting the job right away, White informed officers he went back inside.

Adams returned later, this time with Tanner and Washington, and asked White why the work wasn't done.

"Mr. White had initially met with the men outside the residence," the statement of probable cause said. He provided Adams with an "excuse as to why he hadn't finished detailing his van, at which point (Adams) apparently believed he was lying. (Adams) then opened up the coat he was wearing, exposed the gun he was carrying and said 'I'm the wrong one to be lying to' as he touched the gun."

White told police that he gathered his detailing equipment and started to detail the van.

Officers said Adams, Tanner and Washington entered White's residence.

"Mr. White indicated that his wife did not invite the men inside the home, either, and that the men had to open a screen door to make entry into the house," according to the statement of probable cause. "Eventually, however, Gwendolyn White was able to call for police assistance and it arrived a short time later."

Police blocked streets near the three-story building and pulled an armored vehicle into an alley in the rear. Spotlights were trained on the windows while red dots from laser-sighted weapons spotted the back of the home.

Adams, Tanner and Washington walked out of the back of the building with their hands up and surrendered to police wearing body armor shortly after 7 p.m.

Hagerstown Police Chief Arthur Smith said Friday night that officers entered the home to make sure no one was hiding and later obtained a search warrant to continue the investigation.

"The warrant was subsequently executed and among the items found were 14 individual pieces of white-colored crystalline substance each inside miniature plastic baggies, all of which were contained inside a wrapped sandwiched-sized plastic baggie," documents allege.

Police said they also found a .22-caliber revolver.

"Both of these items (crack cocaine package and revolver) were consistent with descriptions provided by Jeffrey White as to what he had seen in the possession of Jacob Adams," the statement of probable cause said.

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