Smartphones help you learn to be a smarthost for bartending your own parties

December 27, 2011|By CRYSTAL SCHELLE |
  • Various apps are available on smartphones to help would-be bartenders be successful at their New Year Eve's parties.
By Crystal Schelle/Herald-Mail photo

New Year's Eve used to be a time where you could just get away with serving friends some beer and maybe some inexpensive champagne.

But thanks to the Food Network, even armchair liquor connoisseurs know that you should offer your guests a variety of drinks. And if your bar is stocked, you should at least look like you know what you're doing.

The likelihood of you whizzing through bartending school and obtaining mad skills a la Tom Cruise in "Cocktail" by New Year's Eve are a little low.

So where would a modern-day host or hostess turn in a time of need? Your smartphone.

There are a collection of applications that make any smartphone user a bartender. Warning, though: charm and the ability to calculate in your head are not included.

And if you're playing bartender, act like a good one — serve responsibly.

1. Martha Stewart Cocktails for iPhone/iPod Touch, 99 cents on iTunes

 Martha Stewart, the maven of lifestyle living, offers this app with more than 60 cocktail recipes, how-to videos and photos.

2. Learn 101 Cocktails Now!, $2.99 on iTunes

 Although it's on the pricier end, this app gives step-by-step instructions with photos that allows any newbie bartender a chance to wow guests.

3. Mixology Drink Recipes, free on iTunes, a version on Android Market costs $1.49

There are more drink recipes on this app than you could probably serve in one evening. One of the best parts of this app is that you can enter in all of the liquors you have on hand into its searchable database to find out which new drinks you can serve.

4. iBartender, 99 cents on iTunes

This app has recipes for some of the most popular cocktails and mixed drinks. And to add a little "Cocktail" action, the app lets you shake your iPhone or iPad like a shaker to choose a random drink.

5. The Spy Mixology, 99 cents on iTunes

This is for the Bond fan who craves to be asked to serve up a martini "Shaken, not stirred." Bartenders looking for a theme night can find a recipe for every drink found in every Bond movie.

6. 8,500 + Drink Recipes, free on Android Market

Drinks are divided by favorite, all drinks, categories, ingredients or random to find a drink for the evening.

7. Bartender, free on Android Market

Easy-to-read recipes and instructions makes it also easy to use.

8. Pocket Drink MIxer, $1.49 on Android Market

This app boosts more than 8,000 drink recipes including beer, wine and coffee drinks.

9. Easy Cocktails, free on Android Market

 This app boasts that every recipe contains at the most five ingredients, making it great for hosting a party.

10. Cocktailology, free on Android Market

Beautiful photos accent this app that gives recipes in a easy-to-follow guide.

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