Letters to the Editor - Dec. 24

December 24, 2011

Thanks to all who helped Springfield families

To the editor:

Every year, Springfield Middle School works hard as a team to find support for families. Our community works together throughout the year to find different ways to support the children here. This year, we needed support in many areas for our kids during the holidays.

We would like to thank Terry and Debbie Kinzer from St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in Williamsport for providing backpacks for the boys and girls at Christmas. We would also like to thank Terry Gross from Downsville Ruritan Club in Williamsport, whose team of elves shopped for our kids.  Their generosity every year helps many families place a toy for a child under their tree.

A big thank you also to the Russ Robinson group from the Williamsport Moose Club, which joins together and provides a week’s worth of groceries for a family over Christmas. Your support comes from the heart, and on behalf of Mrs. Ruppenthal and the staff of Springfield Middle School, we wish you, all of our donors, parents and volunteers a merry Christmas.

Bonnie Fletcher
Springfield Middle School

Read Bible, then pray to know God’s truth

To the editor:

Reading on the Opinion page, it is easy to see people believe Jesus is everything from one of the teachers of various faiths pointing up to God to being Lord and Savior to some.

I would encourage a reader to read for himself what the Scripture says in John 3:11-18, 36; John 14:6; and John 8:58.Then pray and ask God to show them the truth of who Jesus is. I call Him (like Thomas, John 20:28) my Lord and my God.

Merry Christmas to all.

Joy Hahn

Save the postal service, not Pakistan

To the editor:

We are now facing the loss of one of our great services, the United States Postal Service. With the modern technology of communication, i.e. cellphones, iPads, etc., they are reducing the income of our postal service.

It is reported that to save the postal service, they need approximately $1.5 billion. So far, that is not being offered. On the other hand, we are giving Pakistan $1.8 billion a year. What does this say about our goverrnment?

We, as a caring people, are trying to save the world. I think the care should be “charity begins at home.” The sad part of this situation is that our future politicians are now part of a group known as “Occupy Wall Street.”

Those of us who are now senior citizens have been subjected to hard times and have consequently spoiled our offspring. If this lack of concern for our own existence continues, the United States is doomed.    

Tom Wilhelm

Renovated sports facilities available for public use

To the editor:                                                                                           

How many times have you heard a friend, a family member or even yourself make a New Year’s resolution to lose weight. I know that I have many times and have been unsuccessful just as many times. Hope is on the way for me and for you in the form of “FIX JB Sports.”

How is that, you ask? Well, the renovations that have been made at James Buchanan High School through the partnership of the Tuscarora School Board and the “FIX JB Sports” campaign have made the facilities usable once again.

The pool, with a beautiful facelift and new lockers, is open for students and the community. Then, there is the new all-weather track that can be used by the public. Spring 2012 will see the renovations to the tennis courts completed, if adequate donations are secured. For the first time in five years, they will hopefully be used for home matches.

Combine these improvements with the weight room and we all have the opportunity to fulfill our New Year’s resolution. Walking, running, swimming, playing tennis and weightlifting are some of the activities the community and our children can engage in for a healthier future.

These successes just didn’t happen. Community-minded volunteers and donors have made outstanding contributions to the “FIX JB Sports” campaign. The fund drive has a goal of $1,965,000. To date, almost $1 million has been raised. The fund drive is making a special appeal through a mass mailing with the hope of getting a good response from those who have been procrastinating.

The “FIX JB Sports” committee encourages more citizens to join this great community effort and make a donation by the end of the year. Donations (tax-deductible) should be made payable to the James Buchanan Athletic Boosters and mailed to James Buchanan High School.

James C. Zeger, mayor
Mercersburg, Pa.

Iran’s arrogance evident in wake of crashed drone

To the editor:

The arrogance of Iran is fully evident. In the wake of the crashed drone, Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi declares, “Instead of apologizing, they, with a brazen face, ask for the return of the plane.”

In the wake of their past conduct (1979 hostage crisis, terrorism sponsorship and nuclear ambitions ), with our American head held high, Tehran must be told to go begging for their “apology.” For once, let’s remember who we still are as a nation.

Joe Hammell
Waynesboro, Pa.

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